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  1. u-marq rx-4 for sale excellent condition £2,500............. 07930301530
  2. can anyone tell me the best place to get the u shaped bar that goes on the back of the expanding feet , thanks
  3. i will give u a call mon peter , thanks
  4. UMARQ T-X5 FOR SALE EXCELLENT CONDITION COMES WITH NOSE CONE, AND VERIOUS JIGS, LATEST DONGLE £2,500, CALL PAUL 07930301530 The GEM-TX5 has a flat engraving area of 160 x 75mm with self-centring vice. The U-MARQ GEM-TX5 is the fastest and easiest general compact 3-axes mechanical engraving machine in the World to suit any budget. The GEM-TX5 comes with self-centring vice, jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise (trophy plates, lighters, hand bag mirrors, pet tags etc.). The spindle motor enables you to burnish in coated metals as well as engraving in to some plastics. Ease of use enables anyone to engrave to a professional standard after just a short training session. The GEM-TX software includes the Extra 80 Engraving Fonts and Picture Engraving. The software has been configured to make normally complicated task, ease for the ordinary engraver or their staff to use and get spectacular results. Pet Tags The GEM-TX5 is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently with template for all U-MARQ Pet Tags, (much higher quality than most) and many other makes. Why be restricted to a small range of tags from one supplier. With the GEM-TX5 you can engrave any type of graphic images, logos on almost any tag, the only limit is your imagination. Jigs The wide range of push-fit jigs quickly clamp any item, including; scrolls, medals, cufflinks, watches, trophy plates, pet and ID tags, rings, bracelets, clocks, pendants, baby gifts, key fobs, lighters, decanter labels, photo frames, hip flasks, business card holders, laminate signs, badges, labels, brass plates and other items. With unique pressure settings, even fine gold lockets can be engraved without fear of damage. The ultimate small 3 axis engraving machine, at the right price.
  5. Hi as title, looking for a shoe repairer, / keycutter for chester , if u can text me 07930301530 , with your details I will get back to u, paul
  6. mrelf

    insurance cover

    mine is £250 shop and £150 auto locksmith
  7. mrelf

    insurance cover

    try a plan ask for danny really nice and helpful was cheap too, say paul told u about it 01625 467080
  8. Easy entrie key machine ex demo , plus blanks, £4000 call Paul 07930301530
  9. still for sale , after being messed about
  10. hi , do we know anyone who does heel recovering , thanks Paul
  11. i use sumup works well for me, check them out
  12. hahahhahah i know got carried away lol
  13. singer 29k with motor, no treadle base £350, call paul, 07930301530
  14. LK125 any ideas, thanks, paul
  15. mrelf


    It looks like a LF11 but the bit isn't high enough. Ive cut it on an 85p but the groove set doesn't look the same
  16. mrelf


    no thats the LK126
  17. mrelf


    done , good luck
  18. That’s brilliant rick thank you
  19. thanks , ordered and will give it a go, thank you
  20. thanks, but she wants it replaced, iam 55 and never done 1 lol
  21. hi apart from glenway who else do you get your engraving catalogues off, thanks, paul