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  1. soles'n'eels

    key id please

    thanks guys
  2. anyone know what this blank is called please gents
  3. soles'n'eels

    key id please

    thanks for the help gents brilliant as usual
  4. anyone have any idea what blank I need for this please
  5. soles'n'eels


    .what next tattoo shops, coffee shops. tattoos while-u-wait
  6. soles'n'eels

    keyline carat machine problem

    sorted it thanks I searched the forum and got my answer yes I should of done that first what a knob
  7. hi guys problem is when I lift the handle up doesn't start need a bit of a push if you know what I mean is this a capacitor problem
  8. soles'n'eels

    another fishy watch

    in 50years in the trade its the worst I've ever had in
  9. soles'n'eels

    another fishy watch

    yes but no chisel no mask it really did smell of fish
  10. would you put a battery in this
  11. how do other members of the forum deal with the dirt on watches had this one in this morning we use latex gloves and scrap it off with a knife yesterday I had one bloke come in took it off his wrist was covered in crap and smell of fish I would never said anything to the customer its to embarrassing
  12. soles'n'eels

    key id please

    nice one Chris