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  1. Don't worry about it, I freaked out when they opened in my local Asda store, sure they take some business but the higher prices they charge means you can increase your price and still look cheap. I had a massive battle plan, I was ready to battle to the death with them, but I've never had a problem - they do their thing - I do mine.
  2. I'm going VAT registered in April, what is the flat rate for shoe repairers and could i use the shoe repair rate to make my retail sales easier, as I sell both VAT and VAT free products.
  3. I do, it's taking me ages to put the tiny nut & bolt through the hangers to stop people nicking them.
  4. I got the keys to my new shop 11 months ago, moved in the middle of December. It's been slow, frustrating and expensive. Did almost all the work myself, the counter is 3 scaffold boards, wood in the window is from my old infant's school, Glass partition from ebay, shelving units and glass shelves from ebay. fitted the ceiling myself. Had a gas explosion when the gas man soldered off the end of a live gas pipe (pipes had been routed from my shop to next doors flat) Glue and spray booth all ducted out of the roof. The glass is 10mm thick and seals floor to ceiling, no dust
  5. The main reason I want coined keys is that there are a few crappy key cutters appearing and I'm sure people are bringing other peoples bad keys to me and saying I've cut them.
  6. Who is producing the best quality coined keys? I'm not bothered about the price, just need to be top quality. Cheers, Durb
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172160261778
  8. Just got my first pot of Renia Asti, I think it's great, what do others think of it? I've done some tests with it and think it's far better than standard glues but much trickier to use and more expensive, not an every job glue. I do lots of military boots, so having peeling of soles in the desert is not an option.
  9. So today I popped in to introduce myself and direct any keys they can't do up to me. The girl that cuts the keys is only in on a Friday and the others haven't had training yet. The company 'Photo Me' is a separate company from Asda. They bought out the photo side from Asda for £5.35 million, they have a 10 year concession. I imagine they will be trying everything to earn a penny after spending that amount.
  10. My local Asda has just started cutting keys under the Photo me consesion, they only have 1 small board of cylinder blanks at the moment. Has anyone had any dealings with them? Do you think they are testing the waters before investing more? I'm up for a good old fight anyway👊
  11. I'm about to buy a new shop, it's pretty big, main space is 4.7 x 11 metres, then there is a large store room and kitchen. I'm going to build my perfect shop, first 5 to 6 metres will be retail and keys, then a full glass partition to keep the dust out. What would be in your perfect shop??? Durb
  12. I think I have some in my bits and bobs box, I'll have a look on Monday.
  13. Hi All, I have a real nice light tan Mulberry bag in, the customer tipped 1/2 pint of coconut milk into it . It has some really nasty dark stains. What's the best cleaning product to use?? Cheers, Durb.
  14. I've just moved over to Cherry Blossom for just about everything, their retail stands look really good and having matching products looks way more professional. I do still have Kiwi black & parade gloss though, Army guys wont use anything else.
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