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  1. https://www.lockstation.co.uk/ifam-barcelona-160-pick-and-drill-resistant-u-lock-with-bike-light These people sell extra keys?
  2. Ive got a used Blitz if you still need one, 240v version comes with 2 cutters and Tibbe adaptor, based near Harlow Essex £700.00
  3. I have a used Lancer and a Used Lancer plus for sale if they are of any use to anybody, both in perfect working order, situated near Harlow in Essex, Lancer @ £650.00 Lancer plus @ £1150.00 Regards Mark Tel 07956 345006
  4. Hi, im interested when you get round to selling it. Tel 07956 345006 Mark
  5. If they are saying it needs a new ECU then it does not have the option to add keys via OBD, how much is the ECU and immo system?..................if its £1000's then might be worth taking them out and seeing what system its using by looking at the labels, could be a way to introduce keys by another method..................where is this vehicle?
  6. I wouldnt ever fit a T/T cylinder to an external door that is glazed or has a letter box for obvious reasons, its just common sense
  7. People who do slide shows of shoe care products dont have mates
  8. If you swap for a standard cylinder you will also need a repair rose as the chubb cylinder is a different size and has fluting on the main body.
  9. Now you have the correct blank your half way there, take the ignition off strip it down and make a key
  10. Are you sure that is the correct link as the machine shown doesnt cut the same type of keys as a Triax? which machine do you have edge cut keys..........laser keys or both?...........how much do you need for it?
  11. Have you actually found somewhere that will produce a key with a minimum order of 1000? ..............ive been looking for a while to get some keys made, minimum order is always 10.000
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