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  1. Martin56

    AF5 cutter grinder



    AF5 cutter grinder
  2. Hi maybe get a nice piece of corian granite and infill then spray with acrylic clear coat, I made a house sign for a friend who lives on the coast 5 years ago, he just gives it a wash with soapy water once a year.
  3. Here's one I made earlier (about three and a half months ago) Martin yoyo.bmp
  4. I still have the machine and use it sometimes, the one thing we all seem to loose is the setting bar( to place the cutter in the right place), the manual was used to wedge up a corner of a table, the best thing for it. On the plus side someone is getting me the drawing of the setting bar, and when I get it I will be making some. Martin PS I use a Taylor Hobson Grinder
  5. I Have just added a pdf manual to the technical downloads section. Its a photocopy of the original manual, which I no longer own.
  6. Martin56

    panto problem

    Hi check to see if the bearings in the pantograh arm are ok, move back and forth all the way, to feel if they are moving smoothly . Martin
  7. Martin56

    carp image

    One added to downloads
  8. Martin56

    Lorry picture

    Hi again comedy truck added. martin
  9. Martin56

    Lorry picture

    Hi Dixie, Just put a single line lorry in the downloads section. Its an EPS, if you want AI let us know. Martin.
  10. Martin56

    cutting laminate

    Hi, Have a look at item number 150265725404 on ebay. Quick and easy to cut laminate. Or get a small bench saw, put a good quality laminate blade (gomex blade not cheap but very good quality) put masking tape on both sides (to stop scratching) Or get an old screw driver, grind the end to a V shape bend slightly and you have a laminate scribe. Score a few times, bend and snap. Hope this helps Martin.
  11. Martin56

    Disney Charicters

    Hi I just fought this might be of interest, you never know who is asking you to do the engraving. An eBay fraudster who used covert identities to sell fake Manchester United goods through the online auction site has been jailed and ordered to return £70,000 to his victims. Simon Edward Hurley from Coulsdon in Surrey was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on Friday to nine months' imprisonment and ordered to pay back £70,000 plus £8,000 costs within six months. If Hurley fails to pay the money back, he faces a default sentence of a further two years in prison. The counterfeit goods were first discovered following a raid on Hurley's key cutting and engraving premises by Trading Standards officers and the Metropolitan Police. In April, Hurley pleaded guilty to a total of 16 offences including the sale of money clips, cigarette lighters and tankers engraved with the Manchester United crest through eBay. A subsequent investigation of Hurley's financial affairs by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) found he sold more than 6,600 items for £104,500 between 18 March 2003 and 25 December 2003 - and that significant deposits into a number of bank accounts were not consistent with his modest legitimate income. The ARA said Hurley has sufficient assets, including equity in his home, investments, a Porsche Boxster, a Ducati motorbike and a custom built Spondon Hayabusa motorbike, to pay the confiscation order. Councillor Paul Smith, Croydon Council cabinet member for public protection and crime reduction, said in a statement: "This is a magnificent effort from Croydon Trading Standards officers, whose painstaking investigation has put an end to a criminal enterprise that was duping hundreds of innocent internet buyers who believed they were buying the real thing."
  12. Martin56

    Shape Cutting

    Just added Ai format, the site won't allow WMF. Martin
  13. Martin56

    Shape Cutting

    Hi Michael, Just put one in the download section. Martin
  14. Hi Thimble, You've got a few options here; as your quite close to me (i'm in Basingstoke). You could bring the machine down to me and I could service it while you wait, new brushes new belts, general 'mot' and show you how to set it up. Secondly, you could post the motor to me and I could check it over for you and send it back. Thirdly; You could leave the machine with me for servicing, and borrow a good one for a small returnable deposit, until yours is ready for you. Or, you could bring it to me and PX it for a more up to date one. Here to help Martin.
  15. Martin56


    Hi Ponsaloti, If you want to phone me I will guide you through the set up to get you started. 01256 421947 Martin