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  1. can you see the needle in the hole of the needle clamp between the 2 screws, once seated correctly it should be visible through the hole.
  2. Yes, that's about what we do per week.
  3. It's not life changing by any means, we get £0.60 per parcel. As I say not a lot income wise but then engage them in a conversation and give each one a business card and the number of customer's I've had come back who have subsequently given us orders far outweighs the income from taking their parcel in!
  4. We do DPD too. Been doing it for 4 years now. Really good service, brings more people in than we expected. You can set the amount of parcels you are prepared to hold in store and set your opening hours, if you are closed for any reason you just mark the dates closed for holiday etc and it blocks any deliveries or collections. We've got a good driver who texts every morning to let us know when he's calling and we've created a whatsapp group for regular customers so everyone knows when the collection is going to be. As said above, the most hassle comes from those that either haven't read th
  5. Finally dug out the 29K manual and there is a threading guide in there too. I've pm'd a link to the file for you.
  6. Hi, see you are possibly servicing patchers which is good, not sure if you know of a good supplier of parts for Singer 29k but can recommend College Sewing if it helps you - https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/parts-by-machine/singer-sewing-machine-parts/singer-29k-71-parts

    1. CotswoldEngraver


      Thanks for the info Peter, yes College Sewing are great, I use them for the supply of parts. Very efficient.

  7. That's certainly possible to visit, we are not a million miles away.
  8. Not sure of your location (we are in Gloucestershire) but after covid sank our engraving business last year I have gone back to a career I was doing 25 years ago which of all things is sewing machine servicing! If you are located anywhere near to me I would be happy to come out and take a look at this machine for you. Somewhere I have a manual for a 29K, I'll have a look for it. Andy
  9. We are selling our complete ribbon printing system. Supplied by Ribbon Print UK the printer has had a new print head in 2019. All of our ribbon stock (approx 40-50 rolls) and printing foil is included as well as ribbon clamps and medal clips. We used this to make medal ribbons and printed tails for rosettes as well as floral ribbon for local florists etc. Due to the amount of ribbon stock weighing very heavy we would suggest collection in person but I can also get a quote for a courier delivery. I have spoken to Ribbon Print UK and they are happy to transfer the software li
  10. We are selling our satin ribbon printer and a large stock of ribbon and foil. We used this primarily to print personalised medal ribbons and printed medal backs. The printer itself retails at over £500. we purchased it from Trophex. Has had a new print head in the last 12 months. Comes with a ribbon stand and also a set of multi ribbon guides allowing you to print off multi ribbons Lots of different coloured rolls of ribbon in various widths totalling hundreds of metres. Also included are rolls of foil in various colours. See pictures. Contact us if you would like more deta
  11. Hi all Where's the best place to get wooden backing boards for brass signs from now? I used to get them from Mastergrave but now don't know where to obtain them from. Kind regards Andy
  12. I do this all the time, take their direct number then give it to the next one that calls!
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