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  1. Happy new year to everyone. I don't tend to surface very often on the forum but when I do need any help I can usually guarantee someone will be willing to help out. Happy New Year to you all and hope you have a profitable 2020. Andy
  2. Thanks Andy. The customer eventually changed their mind and went for brass! All sorted now thanks. Regards Andy
  3. Hi all. I am looking for a piece of bronze material to engrave a plaque for a customer but only need a small piece so don't want to go and purchase a full sheet. Does anyone have any offcuts lying around. I need 1 piece 4" x 3.5". PM me with cost and I will also make donation to the forum's charity.
  4. Someone is extremely organised! I am on the committee for our town's Christmas season illuminations event and we had our first committee meeting last night for this year's switch on which takes place on 30th November - seems a long way off still!
  5. thanks Paul. I would normally but they are presenting them on Tuesday morning
  6. Hi all Does anyone have any of the above in stock that I can purchase to complete an order? I need 6 if possible. Item number MM15010G Only thing is cutomer needs them for first thing Tuesday morning so I need them delivered to me on Monday, therefore would need to be sent today. Happy to pay special Delivery to get them on Monday! I can phone and make payment by card if anyone can get them to me for Monday. Kiind regards Andy
  7. Although I have reduced the price today, I am open to offers if you are interested in purchasing the item.
  8. Yes it will stamp on leather wallets etc (we used it to stamp initials on to belts for a customer) The work table is 280mm x 300mm The type chase is 170mm x 90mm I have uploaded a couple of photos of the last job we did on there to give you an idea of how large the work table is; the brass text in the middle of the chase is 18pt times roman that we stamped on to a couple of wallets before Christmas. The green rectangle is a business card for foiling.
  9. Kobo large format hot foil stamping press for sale. Type chase included as well as flat plate for use with embossing dies for logo's etc. Automatic foil feed for large production runs. Hot plate dimensions: 125mm x 220mm, work table size: 240mm x 320mm Available with 2 sets of characters; one set of lead type, 18pt Times Roman font & 1 set of brass type, extended deep profile 18pt Times Roman font for leather heat embossing. Comes with many rolls of different coloured foils including leather grade foil for foiling belts, wallets etc. Can be seen in operation at our shop, happy to provide a couple of hours training for the purchaser! Collection only due to weight of the machine (130kg!) £2250 for the complete set up.
  10. They are perfect thanks Graham. Just a completely random mix will be great! Once again many thanks.
  11. Many thanks Graham, that is fantastic. Could I have a couple of hundred off you. No need to worry about what blank they are, they will all be thrown in a tub for the players to try and find the only one that fits! I'll PM you our address. Kind regards Andy
  12. Hi all. i am on the scrounge!! We are holding our annual Christmas Market in our town on Saturday 24th November and being involved with the event I am providing a 'door key tombola' for the events' fundraising stall. Basically we have made a perspex box with a hinged door on the front that is latched with a yale lock. An expensive bottle of spirits will be locked inside the cabinet and customer's then pay to pick a key from a tub of random keys, the tub having just one that fits the lock. Now for my request, I am looking for a total in excess of 100 keys to put in the tub to complete the tombola so I am after your rejected keys and keys that you would normally just throw away (or whatever you do with them) doesn't matter what blanks they are as long as they would fit a yale type lock, part of the game is to firstly try and find a blank that fits the lock let along one that actuaqlly opens it. If anyone has any spare cut keys we could make use of I would be grateful. Just PM me for the address. Being a charity event we cannot offer to pay for the keys but I will personally make a donation to the forum charity for any donations kindly received.
  13. Hi all I wanted to let you all know that we now manufacture rosettes. Available in 2 different ribbon styles and 3 different pleat styles all rosettes are handmade to order. Approx 30 different ribbon colours are available as well as specials such as gold edged and patterned. Centre discs are available in 50mm and 68mm diameters with foil printed text and a range of standard motifs as well as personalised logo's. Foiled printed tails also available. We also supply show sundries such as competitor numbers, judging books and foiled award cards. A new website with the ability to order online and a catalogue will also follow subsequently. Please get in touch if you would like any more information. Kind regards Andy
  14. Thanks Gray. Much appreciated. I'll plough my way through those over the weekend!
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