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  1. They might need to get two It's not brass, just gold ali, stick on things. Had to do one recently for a customer.
  2. Trend E104 looks pretty close too.
  3. Probably £2.00 or £2.50 each but would want to engrave one to see for myself. I definitely wouldn't include the couple of hours spent on here sorting things out!
  4. There's a Facebook group where a lot of people have these sort of machines. It looks like they're not that simple to set up and take a bit of effort but if you have the patience they'll probably be OK. With the Gravograph/Trotec ones, they work out of the box as they should do. I would think for commercial use they'll also be a lot more reliable but they are a lot more expensive. Join the group and see what people are up too
  5. We use Corel Draw. It will export to PLT/HPGL files.
  6. Looks like it is Glenway, the domain register details are the same as their other site.
  7. Have you looked at Swatkins? They do a good range.
  8. Nice one! Fan of the BSB and events here Hope your rider does well
  9. You could also take the order yourself, then call and order the items for delivery to you and you make even more money. Then they could just pop back to collect.
  10. Site is live, I know Tim said they'd be charging for engraving, but they've gone in cheap - £1.00 per trophy plate, £10 to engrave on glass.
  11. I disagree with your thinking with regards to people using a code. 2% isn't going to make whole lot of difference to 90% of the orders so they'll just not bother or forget the next time they order. You say Glenway will be mentioned nowhere, but surely you'll be giving people invoices at the very least? As someone else has pointed out (might have been elsewhere), say a rugby club buys 50 x A1202A's, that's £374.58. I buy them in, it costs me £154.50. That's £220.08 for me plus the engraving cost on top. If they come to you direct, the sale price is the same, but now I only get £110.12 (30% of the revenue - the 2%) That's £90 less from one order without any engraving charges that I'd usually get 100% of rather than 30%. (All prices ex VAT) I know I don't have to do anything but I quite enjoy my job and I don't mind doing it. If the website is just another string to our bow and I don't have to use it, can I look forward to receiving catalogues with no mention of it soon? I know you can't help where we are located but we will be affected. You've introduced something that clearly a lot of people are going to be upset with. Have you ever done anything detrimental to the trade? In the past you've put engraving prices in catalogues. It's not up to you how much we charge for engraving. Also it wasn't that long ago you went into some sort of deal with Sports Direct. Just because it didn't work out for you doesn't mean it wasn't a bit of a kick in the teeth for the other retailers. I know it's up to you how Glenway runs it's business but if it's really for your customers then perhaps we could have been consulted beforehand? It would have been good to find out this in advance with it being sold to us rather than a bunch of catalogues, codes, cards and an air freshener turning up on the door and we're left to figure everything out. I hope you're right and it is good but I'm a long way from being convinced this is good for anyone other than Glenway. We hope we do have a good Christmas, thank you. It could be our last turkey for a couple of years......
  12. Tim, To address a few points. We're in the middle of nowhere with large towns all around us. We obviously target those towns online. Now we have you to compete with you online and any revenue that comes to you will be allocated to retailers in those towns most of whom don't advertise online. We're certainly unlikely to see any money coming into our account that we wouldn't have got anyway and will likely lose out in sales. Only those with no online presence will benefit from this. When you send goods to the customer, you'll obviously include some sort of paperwork even if it's only an invoice. That will have Glenway details on it. Next time they want to order, they'll just come direct. I'm not saying you'll go out and grab the customers directly but this way, they are coming to you direct. With regards to the next day delivery availability, my feeling is that if someone wants something personalised with engraving then they are prepared to wait for it and it's rarely we come across people wanting things the next day. If they do ask for it in a hurry they are generally apologetic and say something like "I know it's short notice but can you help". It also gives anyone that wants to work from home a base to sell all your products without doing anything other than passing cards out and offering a cashback system once orders have been placed in lieu of a decent discount to larger clubs. We already have enough of these in the local area, several of which are customers of yours already. Many of us have also invested thousands in engraving machines where as the guy that sets up from home doesn't need to worry about that any more. We have no option to accept the website if we pass your catalogues out as the web address is in bold large letters at the top of the front cover, it's not a case of use it if you want too. If you wanted do help us retailers out then building a site where retailers could have their own site automatically filled with your products would have been a way to go. That way, customers are still buying from retailers and you'll still get the business. Your current path will ultimately cut the retailer out. I'm quite surprised you can't see why us retailers are concerned about this.
  13. We're in the middle of two large towns that we provide quite a few trophies too. We advertise online and now have an extra competitor. Any sales won't be allocated to us (if they even will be allocated at all) as both towns have Glenway retailers i them. Neither advertise online, so we miss out on sales. It also encourages Joe Bloggs to set up from home knowing he's got an instant website ready to go and can just direct people there without doing anything. Anyone can now sell trophies and offer engraving.
  14. I doubt it will make much of a difference, there's already loads of laser users sat at home. You can buy cheap Chinese lasers easy enough. The Facebook laser groups are full of people doing it. Some of it looks quite good fun and people are making all sorts of interesting stuff. I would think commercial value in any of it but people enjoy playing. They're advertising this one engraving pancakes! Great for the hobbyist. The dog photo on the phone case looked awful and my pancakes are going to be cold by the time someone has engraved a picture on them. I do like the idea of the small tripod and being able to put it wherever, that's pretty cool.
  15. it's on Seeklogo at - https://seeklogo.com/vector-logo/137971/thames-valley-police It's a pdf will easily import. Let me know if you can't convert it and I'll get it and save it as an eps for you
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