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  1. I've never had anyone walk away. Cash m/c is over the rd but usually the customer will pick up one of our cheap shopping trolley k/rings (50p) or something similar to make up a purchase. The £4.50 lower limit works well for us.
  2. £4.50 min on card. Cyl keys are £4.50 for 1 £4.00 for 2 or more.
  3. To my knowledge there are no restrictions on who can legally obtain and use a card machine.
  4. Be aware of the drunk bouncing off of people on the District Line! ker ching
  5. A couple of years ago I bought (all new) a load of kit to do scissor and knife sharpening. I've never had the time to follow it thru so I'll probably put it all up for sale in the next week or so.
  6. I'M NOT LISTED But my nearest competition (who's nota forum member) is. Didnt realise it was a forum member who'd set this up.
  7. I've tried emailing but unfortunately no response (which is a shame).
  8. I have a manual machine that I rarely use. We dont do engraving in the shop. It has a couple different tips/cutters and a couple of boxes of numbers and fonts. Theres also a couple of attachment's (motor and setting plates) and what looks like a couple of thousand disc's/tags plus a few more odds and sods. Not looked at the kit for a couple of years but I can dig it out and send pictures if you're seriously interested in buying it. PM me I will donate if sold on here.
  9. Cyl Key Marked 5 I'm guessing its a CB. Looks like a universal 5 pin. Can anyone confirm Tar
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