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  1. ponsaloti

    Window Key ID

    Get yourself a key catalogue or get access to google .
  2. ponsaloti

    Hond 31

    My BD laser fails about 40% of the time on a worn Hon66. A9P gets it right every time. When they fail, they wont even go into the door lock which indicates the problem to be at the tip. Not bothered to look into it but I will if I get chance to on the next one that fails
  3. ponsaloti

    trimark laser key

    How did you sort it then bob?
  4. Looking for 3 of these if anyone can help. Tar
  5. ponsaloti

    Brisant Ultion Sold Secure

    Gawd bless em
  6. ponsaloti


  7. ponsaloti

    Silca Futura Pro

    Sent my future back after a few weeks of grief. Don't know if we had a Friday afternoon m/c but it was constantly falling over. Bought A A9p from peter at Lockdecoders. A great little m/c for us in the shop. Plus the support is spot on.
  8. Similar but a mirror profile to this and laser cut to the right. Thanks
  9. Looking for Blanks for the above. Any idea's Thanks
  10. ponsaloti

    Blank for truckman top

    I think there's 5 locks on this one Graham. Don't like being beat by a poxy key.
  11. Customer has a VW Amarok Truckman top. Lost keys. It's a laser key but not listed anywhere. I can make Blanks for these and copy onto it , but not from code. 615 039. Could be read as 039 615 Anyone know anything about these.