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  1. Mid speed for Brass. Spiral cut. I went down in 0.1 increments until the key worked. 0.3 in total. I then cut a fresh key at +0.3.
  2. Using 0-7 instead of 1-8, I have Just successfully cut to code keys for 8 different euro's I have on the shelf. Tried on a couple of rim cyl's. No good. Tried again with all cuts 0.3mm deeper. BOOM, Success! Seems the rim cyl's are less forgiving Strange init
  3. Not that much of a secret. People are talking about it in the Real Trade section
  4. Are there any Masons in competition with other masons working on the boot sale's?
  5. Update on customer comments about my counter screening. Didn't really notice it myself but if you look at the pictures I've posted, it's a bit difficult to see thru the screen when the sun's out. What the customer see's is a reflection of themselves and what's behind them. I've started to tilt the bottom of screening further into my side of the counter. Hopefully the customers will see thru the screens. if there's still a reflection, it will be of the legs and floor rather than the bright shop window that's behind them.
  6. Anyone know what this is. It's for a front door to a flat. Google search only shows Handcuff keys.
  7. That's what he wanted along with 10 mins of my time to show him how they work. Shame about all those sleeping babies and silly mum's he keeps coming across.
  8. Most will take what ever's free. Strange they dont have there own to hand.
  9. 10 mins ago I had a fireman come in and said he needs a small tool kit and needs to get into houses quickly without any damage. Apparently this is to rescue babies that are sleeping and mum has locked herself out. I told him to advise mum to call a locksmith or use the master key that's sitting in the wagon.
  10. This is where I got mine from. Excellent service and prices https://wholesalepos.com/
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