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  1. The weld is crap as well. We've had a few flags drop off as soon as they were threatened with a blade.
  2. Maybe to big but try sx6r or something like af4 or far1. You only need to find something that will go into the keyway and you've cracked it.
  3. I've got the above machine but its in bits. Can anyone tell me where I can find a manual with set up procedures. Thanks Mario
  4. ponsaloti

    Apecs dimple & track

    Thanks Graham
  5. Has anyone come across these yet?
  6. Thanks, I'll be in touch when the time comes.
  7. ponsaloti

    3D Closed

    Woop Woop
  8. Treated myself to A new pair of these on my last visit to the States 3 or 4 years ago. Bloody expensive but my last Heavily abused pair were a xmas prezzy from my brother who was The uk importer for Red Wing in the 80's. They lasted around 7 or 8 years. Anyway, these will need new soles in the near future. With the greatest or respect (I have no knowledge of shoe repairing). Does anyone have experience working on these or are they run of the mill type work. Tar
  9. ponsaloti

    3D Closed

    What ever the problem is, I hope they pull thru it. I've been using them for probably 14 years and I can count there cock up's on one hand.
  10. ponsaloti

    Zeni R1787

    Thanks Mate . Ordered from Morlands. Spot on. Tar
  11. ponsaloti

    Zeni R1787

    1937 Talbot. There are not flats on the fluting. Profile is all radius's. I'll try and get a photo on here on Monday.
  12. Looking for a blank for this 1930's British car ignition. Code on the face is the title. Its a small 3 pin cyl, 1A style key but almost half the size with no flats on the fluting. Been searching but cant find anything that will go in , or any info on it. Any idea's Tar
  13. ponsaloti

    key id please

    6 pin from Trade Locks
  14. ponsaloti

    17th century chapel key

    The tolerances are wide open but still a fair bit of filing. If this were a one part for a machine, it would be £300+
  15. ponsaloti

    17th century chapel key

    I think £70 for around 15 work is way to cheap mick.