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  1. I like my A9P with all its jaws. Not the quickest but it's but versatile.
  2. Using my verynear Shoulder to tip = 23mm Shoulder to 1st cut = 9.5mm
  3. I'm not aware of another but my comment was aimed at copy xmw blanks being available. I'm not happy with being drip feed blanks but it means that my none tax/insurance paying completion over the field and in local carparks aren't able to supply these keys. Every cloud........
  4. Went to a job on Friday. key broken in a brisant t/turn on a front door. The wife tells me her husband's brother lives in Australia and he wants the husband do a bit of work around his flat. Unfortunately the Husband doesn't have a key but does have a 3D printer. Hubby is (apparently) a very smart dental technician, prints a key for his own front door as a tester before going on to print a key from a picture for his brother's place. The key works in his front door but it breaks when he tries to remove it. The debris comes out in 4 or 5 pieces and I tell her to get the number off of the brisant key. Job done. They've been living with this for 3 months due to the embarrassment factor of calling a locksmith.
  5. I believe Ultion(brisant) are the only company out there offering a 2K guarantee. As an Ultion agent, we do OK and dont have a problem dealing with them.
  6. I'd guess its down to the blank. I cant see how the machine can drift off and cut deeper.
  7. What make are the blanks Some of the usual suppliers have sold some real shite in the past. Thankfully most are all good now
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