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  1. I have a couple of hundred new unused #1(A) and #2(B) g114 levers plus a couple of dozen #7 & 8's. Anyone interested in swapping for # 3,4 &5's. Tar
  2. circa 1988. Old school, no auto choke
  3. Or Nick, you could buy an up and running, ready made business. I have a shop and a van, both fully/well stocked for house and auto work. Around 7k hanging on the walls in the shop with another 3k on the shelves. 28k worth of cutting and programming machines plus auto stock, maybe 2k. Then there's the van and it's contents! Make me an offer........please.
  4. Just ask Aldridge "who owns the key"!
  5. Unfortunately they dont carry ABS. Thanks Lockstock I'll give them a go
  6. Thanks Graham. Already had it. Me edds in the shed today
  7. Not found another supplier unfortunately.
  8. Can anyone let me know the instacode card number for this Key Code G09. Art1 blank IC sends it to the AP9 but its cutting way to deep so I'll have to cut it on the Blitz if I can get the correct card.
  9. They cancelled our account due to me only ordering blanks from them.
  10. Thanks lock stock. I'll have to get blanks from somewhere. If not I'll have a go at making the blanks from ABS with the magnet (Endurance has a groove running along it).
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