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    Hi Everybody. I'm doing fine here at the global HQ of the SOMSR organisation ( one day a week in Leeds and as much coffee as I can drink). Since I have been here I have had three enquiries from individuals (who would probably prefer not to go down the penal servitude route) to learn more about the trade. What seems to be the norm is that they are willing to pay for training and possibly also prepared to travel to get it. The going rate appears to be around 100 pounds per day. I'm not sure of the H&S and liability requirements but I will see what can find out. I would imagine that whoever gives the training would have to formulate a program and timetable to ensure that the trainee reaches their target efficiently and effectively. I know you can't train someone fully in the mysterious art of shoe repairing in a few simple steps so it might be that an introductory course over a couple of days with a follow up masterclass might be good.
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    I know this is in the Key Section but SOMSR would be delighted to hear from anyone who can offer Shoe Repair Training courses. We do get enquiries but don't seem to have any providers available currently.
  3. Hi Ted. That looks very interesting. I will certainly look into it. Many thanks. Robin ps fortunately I think I’m past caring about all the negative people and only care about the positive ones who want to improve and succeed.
  4. Im guessing that the Dainite ones fit the bill. If you are interested in the job please let me have your contact phone number and i will put the lady who enquired in touch with you. They are her son’s shoes. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys. It's an actual repair using the blue units that is needed here. There was a fashion trend towards them not long ago. Tan brogues with blue rubber soles and heels. They actually looked very smart. The person enquiring wants to keep the original look. I've seen units at trade shows in the past but I need to find someone who can obtain the units and complete the repair.
  6. Does anyone on the forum have any of the blue coloured units ( soles and heels) as used on men's boots/shoes and would be able to repair some shoes with them? The request comes from the midlands area but the enquirer is happy to post them anywhere in the UK. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, I am only acting Secretary, working one day a week (Monday) at the office. I'm not the policy maker. So far I have been engaged in sorting out the mound of paperwork and trying to get the filing side of things back in order. Not easy At the same time I am also asking the question " what would encourage you to join SOMSR " Its a bit of a Catch 22 situation in that we are limited in what we can do by the amount of income generated from existing members and we can't seem to attract more members because we have nothing "extra" to offer. It is my aim to find out what would encourage a stronger memebership. . However, I do see membership as being mainly beneficial. Access to free or cheap national advertising, lower insurance premiums, specialist trade helplines, an arbitration service, trade back up, personalised workwear and an accepted National identity and eventually a listing on the trade website once i find out how to edit it. These can only be pluses . As soon as possible I will have a look at the media side but for the moment the main drive is to try to give value for money to the existing members and potential new members. Ok it's £120 but that is the only negative. What's not to like? As for the dubious certificate, I'm working on the design and appearance to make it more interesting and worthwhile. But we need to know whether members would be prepared to submit samples of their work for appraisal in order to become an " Approved Member" or even a "Fellow" with all of the relevant benefits. In the words of Jo........... Carry on!
  8. Morning Keith. Testing products might be a little beyond our remit perhaps? Would the testers need to be qualified and unbiased? Who would they be? Known or anonymous? It might be tricky to provide a basis for testing everything from shoe laces to finishers There could be a possibility to include a review of new products provided that the maker/supplier was happy to submit them to members of SOMSR for them to pass an opinion ..... Would that work? Robin
  9. Hi Flash and K4. Good to get feedback. I don’t think you’ve lost your competitive edge though Geof. I like your idea Martin but years ago I ran a Benchmark competition where both a ladies and a gents repair had to be submitted and I think that worked quite well. One thought was that the shoes submitted could be returned to be used by the entrant as window display to showcase their craftsmanship. Maybe SOMSR could come up with a display stand at a reasonable price ? All suggestions gratefully received and will be put to the SOMSR team at the next meeting Robin
  10. Thanks Keith. Good point but we rely on the honesty and integrity of our members to observe the rules. ( and I can recognize his work) I think there may be some merit in trying this system but would welcome more feedback first.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement gentlemen. I'm open to discussions, suggestions constructive criticism from the forum, SOMSR member or not. I'm not open to any negativity or personal criticism though. Please could we bury the Desborough debacle by the way, it was along time ago and its time to move on and make this thing work. I wasn't involved at the time and would rather concentrate on today and tomorrow rather than yesterday. I'm thinking out loud here, the general consensus of opinion from previous posts seems to suggest that the certificate confirming membership of a trade society is perhaps one of the most important and yet contentious advantages of being a member. Whilst it is important to be recognized as a Master Shoe Repairer, literally anyone can have one if they join and pay the fee. Not perhaps an ideal situation. I really like the suggestion made by Ted Starzac of a three tier membership, Associate, Master and Fellow based on the quality of their workmanship. It was suggested that each individual member could be visited by a representative of SOMSR and their work could be appraised. Sadly this would be economically and practically nonviable, the Society is in quite good health at the moment but the cost of travelling the country would soon ruin it. Would it work if interested members were to submit samples of their work, to a proscribed method, to a panel at the SOMSR office for appraisal?. in this way an Associate Membership would be available to those not wanting full membership with a basic certificate, someone wanting to be approved MASTER Shoe repairer would have to attain an appraisal mark of at least say 80% before receiving a better certificate and those submitting work that achieved a mark of say 90% or over would become Fellows of SOMSR with an enhanced certificate. Does that make any sense? Would it give added value to members? These are personal thoughts by the way, not policies that have been discussed, I'm just looking to try and find an added benefit to becoming a member that we can discuss. Any help on this would be appreciated, Robin
  12. I'm secretary Alan. Temporary. Doing the admin. Trying to provide a line of communication. Being positive That's all hopefully will get a better response from others perhaps ?
  13. Good morning gentlemen. ( and ladies) Some of you will perhaps remember me from my time in the trade. I have agreed, during a senior momentary lapse of concentration, to act as temporary secretary for SOMSR. At present I'm working my way through the backlog of paperwork and hopefully will have that under control very shortly. i will try, with the help of the Chairman and others, to deliver a more involved society. We value the historic position of SOMSR and hope to make it a more attractive and useful society to be a member of. I am not an expert on social media so please be patient whilst I work out how to get that side of things back on track As soon as I can I will provide my personal contact details and if anyone wishes to get in touch I will be delighted to speak with them. Regards Robin Healy
  14. Thanks Mick ( Friend ) all gone............. including the dust