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  1. I have just received the following statement from our very good friends at J Rendenbach. I am sure that many will be as shocked and surprised as I am. They have been huge supporters of the UK shoe repair industry for many years and have always attended the exhibitions and provided us with a fantastic repair competition on behalf of the UK trade I would like to thank Hanns and Stefanie as the faces we knew for their friendship and support Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of Mr. Hanns Rendenbach I may send you herewith attached an official statement of the company Joh. Rendenbach jr. … blob:https://shoerepairer.info/5b728a69-8a57-4baa-9901-b34b6e9fef07 Sometimes it is difficult to take the first step. Especially when it’s not followed by a beginning, but an end. Dear valued customers, business partners and friends of the company, I truly regret to inform you, that with beginning of next year the tannery Joh. Rendenbach jr. will close its doors forever – and thus the tradition will end after 150 years with the fourth generation. Within the past ten to fifteen years not only the situation on the raw material market, especially the resulting scarcity and permanently decreasing quality, have made (surviving) life more and more difficult. Above all, the wearing behavior of society, the trend toward “more comfortable” walking, the social ability of the sneaker and the steadily falling demand for a leather sole, which was not only found in the area of shoe repair, but unfortunately became also more and more apparent in the collections of exclusive shoe manufactories, have influenced the situation in our tannery. All these things – unavoidably accelerated by the pandemic – lead to this one inevitable conclusion. We will be happy to receive your orders until the beginning of next year, though we have to point out that we are already sold out in certain product ranges and thicknesses – especially in the part of bends and leather soles! Without a doubt we shall contact you again at the beginning of the New Year! Until then I remain with best regards from Trier blob:https://shoerepairer.info/37b3fb07-d528-4c05-8d2a-12d097e240a7 Hanns Rendenbach With kind regards
  2. I’ve got a pair of the RM Williams kangaroo tan boots and use Saphir Medaill d’Or on them regularly with absolutely no problems. Originally I used BLACK polish on the Tan colour leather to deepen the colour, enhance the grain and the stitching and then a Light Tan colour on top. Best boots ever and worth every penny.
  3. Rick is one of the most awkward, cussed, difficult people I ever came across in nearly 50 years in this industry. However I am honoured to be considered a friend of his and wish him all the very best. He is most definitely one in a million. Don't give in Rick ( i Know you won't anyway) Very best wishes Robin
  4. SOMSR has received a message from someone who has acquired a shop containing some repair machinery and has asked if anyone might be interested. There appears to be a Standard outsole stitcher, a Blake, a Welpress, an Adler patcher and another large machine which defies description. There also seems to be an old finisher in one shot. I anyone is interested, they are currently on one of the Channel Islands. Photos can be seen on the Blog section of www.somsr.com. for details of the owner please call me on 07540 991089. Robin
  5. Rick..... I do like the second one Heal the world. Heel your shoes.
  6. Cutting Edge and SOMSR are looking at the proposal originally supplied by Tony Kitchen and outlined above by Peter Coulson. Coming up with catchy posters that appeal across the whole age spectrum is the key. I personally don't hold with the trite saying of "Shoe Repairs save money". it's tired and outdated. Saving money is no longer the prime mover. Saving the planet has more urgency and appeal to younger people who are concerned about the destruction of our environment and the lack of consideration for wasting vital resources shown by previous generations. However we need to educate them to the fact that they can help save the world in everyday ways which don't necessarily include giving donations to Greenpeace et al. If anyone does have some catchy suggestions, please let us know. Whoever suggested "Cobblers to Boris" by the way is possibly not following the main thinking process of our campaign.
  7. Slightly off topic but not by much. I have received a request from someone not involved with our trade who has asked if SOMSR can provide any information or statistics on the total revenue, number of shops, number of people employed specifically in the shoe repair sector. The information is to be used to help individuals or small businesses looking for entry into our trade. The onlyinfo I can find is from ibisworld (?) who reckon that the UK turnover in shoe repair shops is 83 million pounds. I am assuming that this figure, if accurate, includes the shoe repair figures from both independents and multiples ( whoever they may be) Does anyone have any more detailed info they would care to divulge? Robin
  8. Apologies, I'm late to the party....normal for me. The SOMSR Code of Practice is provided to SOMSR members as a condition of membership. It is intended to provide guidance and protection for members and their customers. It has three main objectives:- 1. To make clear the minimum standard of service customers can expect from a business which is a member of the Society of Master Shoe Repairers. 2> To make staff in all members' shops aware of the importance of good service. 3. To make the general public aware that an excellent level of service is available from SOMSR members. The relevant section is 2 ( d) Pricing - A guide to the current prices of main services offered, inclusive of VAT where applicable, must be prominently displayed. Also , according to the internet, the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs) states that ' In the course of providing a service there is a requirement under the CPRs to make sure pricing information is given clearly if it would affect the consumer's decision to buy' To me that suggests that displaying prices should be done in every shop that offers goods or services to the public. I assume that the word 'From' is an acceptable practice. SOMSR also offers its members an A4 price list with their shop name included and blank spaces for prices to be filled in if asked. We are here to serve............
  9. Morning All ! I have just had another request for training in shoe repairing. The enquiry has come from an independent shoe retailer in the East of England who has several shops and would like to provide an in house repair service. He is also looking to invest in new machinery as well. Is there anyone in the Lincs/Northants/Cambridge areas that might be interested in offering their services to train a new recruit?. The enquirer is willing to pay.
  10. Thanks GMy technological knowledge is improving slowly. Often I can learn a new procedure quite easily but then can't remember how to do it next time I need it. Story of my life. With regards to the page I could always use more info, pictures, stories regarding our trade. It helps if they come from SOMSR members though but if it is relevant to our community I will try to include it. Many thanks
  11. It's great to get some feedback, sometimes the Global HQ of Somsr can feel just a little isolated. Thank you all for your tips, hints, comments etc. I must admit I prefer facebook but how do I get more of you guys to sign up with the SOMSR FB page? As the set up stands I don't have access to the list of 'friends' so I'm a bit in the dark about who is actually checking out the site. I do get regular updates to say we are getting new visitors but no details of who they might be. If anyone isn't a friend, please become one. We can achieve so much more through improving communications.
  12. Many thanks for the answers so far. The question about paying to get in was very tongue in cheek, I was quite surprised to have to pay 12 euros at Wiesbaden and I do agree that it is not an encouragement. From the exhibitors point of view though an exhibition is expensive and I think that most manufacturers/exhibitors are currently having to keep a very close watch on expenses. Location will always be contentious but we have to try to be as central as possible. As always it's a Catch 22 situation, The exhibitors want more visitors to make it worthwhile putting on a show. The visitors want more exhibitors ( And better deals). The organisers are very much aware of the problems and welcome all feedback. The recurrence of the main show has been extended to every two years at the request of most of the exhibitors but it would appear that visitors prefer every year. I will pass that on. Good point about use of media, I'm still getting the hang of things like FB. I only look after the SOMSR website but will try to bring the Cutting Edge one more up to date as soon as I can. For the life of me I still can't understand how Twitter and Instagram work. They consume so much of peoples' time and so much of the content seems to be totally irrelevant. Does this make me a dinosaur? Are Instagram and Twitter the only platforms that matter these days? Does hard copy such as Cutting Edge magazine have no relevance any more?. As for a "face" Will mine do for the moment ? I'm quite happy to pass on any comments to the show organisers and am available to anyone who wishes to make positive suggestions. As for the Original Quick questionnaire, I will leave it open for more answers until end of May and will then sort out the winner of the bubbly Don't hold back, believe it or not we need each other to survive. Robin
  13. Thanks Rick ….. so far you're winning By the way, if anyone doesn't receive their copy of Cutting Edge please email the editor, Tony Driver, on info@5dpublicity.com with your name and address and he will add it to the mailing list. Robin
  14. Further to Ted's suggestion:- Question 1. Why don't you visit the exhibition ? Question 2. What would make you go to the exhibition? Question 3. Where would you like to go to see the exhibition? Question 4. How often would you like to go to an exhibition? Question 5. How much would you pay for entry to an exhibition? ( At Wiesbaden it was 12 euros per day to get in and as Keith says it was less well attended than in previous years Answers on a postcard please Winner gets a positive write up in Cutting Edge magazine and a very nice bottle of Bubbly from Schloss Wachenhiem The judges decision is final. No further communication will be entered into ………………..
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