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  1. I write this on behalf of me and my family. We would like to offer a huge thank you to Lee for all he's done for the trade , via the setting up and managing of the forum. We wish him well as he starts a new venture with the bike repairing , I understand all other services will be business as usual, and feel sure the professionalism and service he provides will ensure a sound financial future. We also thank Lee for the support he has shown to our charity ForJimmy.org over the years and also all the great support we have received from the wider independent shoe repair industry. As you will have seen from this quarters Cutting Edge magazine , we will update our work in each issue. Our family have been dedicated to bringing good from the loss of our son and the many people who have supported us enables us to do so. Whilst I'm still a shoe repairer my charity means I don't do a lot of repairing, which I miss as I still enjoy the work, but rest assured when I'm asked I'm still a shoe repairer.So many thanks to each and everyone of you, and what this space. Merry Christmas and a Happy ( and Profitable)New Year. Barry Mizen
  2. Hello all Would anyone know what blank this is, or which i can use Thanks
  3. I saw in a Cheaney shop recently their polish £6.95,
  4. a customer brought in a key today for his recently fitted shopfront. It did not have any markings apart from six numbers impressed in the head. I tried a universal 5 pin but it did not even go in the lock. As I had nothing else to go on and he is a fellow trader, I removed his lock. It is a eurolock, the key is 5 pin length however there are six pins indicated in the lock. I could not find any other blank to go in and settled on grinding a new blank until I could get it in. It worked. My concern is, it would seeem to be a new profile, the keys have no indication as to origin, apart from 6 numbers on head, there was nothing on the lock, although a flimsy escution plate had DOORMAC on it. Also earlier today I had another supposedly 5pin key with nothing on it at all as to indicate what blank it might be, and again the universal didn't go in, and it wasn't any of the other blanks I carry. Many new fronts are going in to shops in our high street, they are government subsidised, and if the amount of complaints as to workmanship are anything to go by, it would seem the cheapest quotes brought the cheapest materials, including , maybe, the locks? Any thoughts or indication would be appreciated, I have been cutting keys for some forty years and have never been thrown before,
  5. My local sports club has cisa locks on all their doors with a *pass key to open all of them. one of the locks is broken so not even the pass key works, Does anyone know if/how you can get the lock fixed, so will still work off the same system or a company i could send the lock to thanks
  6. chiefwiggum

    New Hooply Factory gate key

    Hello, I just had this Key come in. lock@quay did you ever find a supplier of this key? sorry i know the posts a couple of years old If not does anyone know a where i can get these from (i'm tryin to upload a picture now)
  7. is anyone able to help with a trade repair need a re-welt plus full leather sole done please pm me if you can help thanks chief
  8. Just Had an Assa Key in the the Letters XA on it, cant find anything in the ref books would anyone know the Silca,jma,hd ref number (sorry havnt got a picture) thanks
  9. does anyone know a supplier of 1/2 AA Batteries??? thanks
  10. chiefwiggum

    Dom Key

    i had a custmer in today who's been trying to get a Dom Key cut i'm not sure if these key blanks are available the key has Dom System on one side, and w381405 gmk on the other i do have a picture But cant work out how to upload it (please Help) thanks http://cid-25e9c551269fe949.photos.live ... um/026.JPG ............
  11. has someone got the phone number for r & d trophies please....
  12. had a camlock systems tubular key come in that i couldn't hold in the machine it had number 28 on the key plus the code H411340 on the key....does anyone know if this key can be cut from this info? thanks
  13. had an assa key with the code 5QB635/90 cut it on J.M.A blank RU-GM customer said the key wouldn't go into the lock phone my key supply this morning and they wasn't much help does anyone know the right blank please?? danny
  14. chiefwiggum

    any ideas?

    tanks Lee, good advice about reputation, =D>