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For all auto key cutting please can you post in the auto key cutting section

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32 minutes ago, kobblers said:

If it's this topic then it's been located to the correct sub-forum:


Hi , its not the topic itself , but trying to register to access this if someone can help . I have emailed twice so far and not received a reply I think a few people have had the same issue, just tried a 3rd as copy below, thanks for your help 



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2 hours ago, Technical Tony / Davenport said:

Thank you for your help I am in :-)

Also is it just me the Site keeps forgetting my password ! just every time I log into the site, I have to re-set the password ?? 

I doubt very much that it's the site. have you tried to log in from another source?


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Please can you add me to the Trade Forum too please.

I also have the password reset issue.

Many thanks.


15 hours ago, kobblers said:

Will you try and log in from home and not from your offices as we think this may be an issue at your end and the litmus test will be to see if you can log in successfully at home or elsewhere.


Thanks Rick, will do.

K :)

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