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  1. Sabre Key

    On Davenports hints and tips news letter it says Cylinder keys with Sabre and Q on them then use a 16Hl as a substitute.
  2. Sabre Key

    And a UL64 a wider version?
  3. Sabre Key

    Is a ULO54 a UL2?
  4. Ell bee patio key

    Is there a blank available for this patio key please.?
  5. Hi. A Timspons cylinder key with KBM6 is it a Euro spec mp6 ? Please
  6. Tessi shutter key

    Ok thank you
  7. Tessi shutter key

    Sorrythe first two pictures are not the right ones
  8. Tessi shutter key

    I went to a local security key cutting place to see if they could help me with cutting a Tessi Genuine blank which they did. I went back to customers lock with new keys and they also don't fit/go into the lock and they are Genuine.
  9. Tessi shutter key

    Yes the HD version is not the same as the Tessi original.
  10. Tessi shutter key

    Thank you I will check today
  11. Hi. I cut Tes1 for a Tessi shutter lock but the customer said that they don't fit in the lock are there any other suitable blanks to try please?
  12. TES1 HD Blank

    Hi. I'm having problems with the Tes1 HD blank. Ive cut the from a TES1 blank as the customer's a TES Shutter lock but mine don't fit in the customers lock,are there any other blanks to try please?