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  1. Hi , its not the topic itself , but trying to register to access this if someone can help . I have emailed twice so far and not received a reply I think a few people have had the same issue, just tried a 3rd as copy below, thanks for your help
  2. Technical Tony / Davenport

    Zone padlock key?

    https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/1046A-AMERICAN-LION-CHUBB-YALE/P129062 Look at HD - H0498 - 1046A Agree - Cut shoulder back and should work fine
  3. Technical Tony / Davenport

    Best quality coined keys

    Thank you for the Advert lol
  4. Technical Tony / Davenport

    HPC code max

    Hi, We can still obtain these, But to be honest the Keyline Ninja Total - and not being Keyline Only, the Futura machine leave this old machine in the past . Even if the machine Jaws and qualitly matched these, the 2 machines have far far better software . HPC charge for their updates, als for the Futura Keyline Ninja Total software is Free for life, so again with this in mind the HPC CodeMax will outprice itself to the 2 machines in compertition with it .
  5. Technical Tony / Davenport

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    PM sending NOW with details thank .
  6. Technical Tony / Davenport

    ronis blank id please

    Confirm yes HD KM10 - Hook C286 .. Please login to see your price. C286 - KM10
  7. Technical Tony / Davenport

    Keyscan Diagnostic Programmer

    They also come with a Car diagnostics pack as well (basic functions ) the list below is taken from Keyscans website EOBD Scanning - Code Reading, Live Data (with graphing), Actuators.... Manufacturer specific codes On screen guidance and help, save screen data Just 1 Harness for all 16 pin vehicles Upgradeable and updateable Vehicle support from 1987 to the present date WASP add-on available for wireless measurement Handheld, user friendly and easy to use Illuminated ergonomic translucent case Non 16 pin legacy harness adaptor available Numerous service functions - Service Reset - FAP - TPMS etc..
  8. Technical Tony / Davenport

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Here is the Ninja Total Video (https://youtu.be/dGK8-nhCxQw ) PS I have no idea how to make the Video pop up here after all these years - Sorry .
  9. Technical Tony / Davenport

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Hi, we are awaiting our new delivery (Very soon) I will PM you the details of the Ninja Total. I personally have used it and it is a very good Italian built machine ( In Ferrari Red of course lol ) Have a look here for more details on the Keyline Ninja Total http://www.keyline.it/eng/catalog/electronic-key-cutting-machines/for-flat-laser-and-dimple-keys/ninja-total.html Not sure if this PDF link will work from Keyline on here, but please feel free to try .. http://www.keyline.it/files/ninja-total/keyline_ninjatotal_5lingue_78491.pdf