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  1. exp121260

    Eurofit Keys - E Series

    I just ask the same question if anyone can help, I get them more often and tried few different blanks without success.
  2. exp121260

    Caravan key

    SILCA ZD14R Works perfectly
  3. Anyone can recommend a blank ? Or is there a pre cut for these locks? Very ambitious request but just trying to help a customer that saved money by not having a spare key and now left with no key
  4. Thanks all for your assistance. I have asked customer to search for the key code on the lock ,if she manages to find it will send the to graham to cut couple of copies for me. Once more thanks.
  5. exp121260

    Tri circle shutter padlock

    Viro or Kwikset will do, I have used Viro and it worked for me
  6. exp121260

    Identify key

    Hi Rick, Below website do all office desk, locker and similar keys cut to code on the lock at good price. I put the 221 code in their search engine and it comes up as L&F series 201_ 400 . Have look might be helful website , I have used them twice, they have been very good. https://www.fastkeys.co.uk/key-search-results/221
  7. If you tried 2 and failed , why should somebody-else try and waste their keys. We all see the same code (cuts) on the key. Possibly a problem with lock rather than the keys...
  8. PM Graham Parker, he can do them for you, always spot on, best price and fast free delivery.
  9. exp121260

    Rock Door key

    Always cut them on eurospec (TX3D) , No issues. Have tried Universal and some work some not.
  10. had this 5.5 Chubb key yesterday, did not have the exact blank, cut it on HIATT blank, the key goes into the lock but wont open. had look at all suppliers websites , could not a exact blank for it . Any solutions?
  11. exp121260

    Mortice key help pls

    Just want to says thanks to every one assisting me with this key. I managed to find the problem and now all 3 keys work perfect. The problem was the side cuts of my blanks was not as deep and wide as the original key. They were too small to notice with eye sight , but when put it in my lancer machine it did take a bit more off and all worked OK afterwords. once more thanks for your time guys.
  12. exp121260

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    that is what I did 2 years ago and very happy with my decision. Re-decorated the sales/retail area to a nice/welcoming customer area and moved all the shoe repair related machinery to the rear of the shop (kept the key cutting business within the retail area ) However, if you 1 man shop and to plenty of shoe repairs/keys , it is not ideal as you have to move back and forward all the time.
  13. For those who don't already know, the 5 Pin Yale patented version is out now. Shortening the patented longer version doesn't work neither the copy blank. Need to order the originals available now from SKS, DP and Tcolledge . Reference ; Y42A SKS: YL-KBB hd = XGC081
  14. exp121260

    Mortice key help pls

    thanks all for your assistance. The gauge is 5.5 and the blank I cut is 5.5 as well, customer said key goes in fine just not turn, I run-over the key and cut another one, none turn the lock
  15. exp121260

    Dog Tags

    If it is only for dog tags , you can get a second hand Gravogarph manual machine (cost £150-250 on ebay or Gumtree or may be some on in this forum). However, Engraving on them is time consuming if you very busy at your shop, but they do the job nicely and efficiently. While, if you want expand to other types of engraving in the future , you can invest in a computerised machine such as GEM TX5 U-MRAQ which cost 3-4 K new or around 2 K second hand on ebay.
  16. Just wonder if a pre cut of this window key available anywhere? Thanks
  17. Thanks EST, it looks very similar , will order some in as don't stock these.
  18. exp121260

    Mobility scooter

    I cut 2 of this key few days ago using (cant remember exactly) but either Silca YA18 or YA4 blanks and worked without issue , you need to shorten the blank anyway.
  19. exp121260

    Dimple keys

    I have got SKS ones which supposed to be specific cutters for Magnum/Yale Dimple cuts but the shafts of both the cuter and follower too thick and not fitting in the machine properaly? anyone experienced slimier issue with SKS F49,T49 cutter and tracer? any alternative cutter and tracer available from other suppliers? From your experience which cutter and tracer you mostly use for BRISANT ULTION dimple cuts and are you always use the included Multi-lock clamps for BRISANT ULTION keys or just use the normal machine jaw.
  20. You're right , it looks like a cheap Chinese padlock key which I usually cut on one of the TL blanks, but she said it's for window and I thought if window, possibly I can get some pre cut ones. I was told it is for a few rented property windows, the tenant lost all the keys and this key is originally for landlords own house windows but apparently it does open the rented property windows as well.
  21. I remember some one asked about this not long ago could not find the thread on the forum, anyone can advise please. Looks like the reverse of LS1 with litle difference.
  22. Thanks Chris, will order some .
  23. exp121260

    Another Key ID please

    Photo can not be viewed , try to attach another photo ...