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  1. exp121260

    Mortise key blank ID

    Eclipse as Graham said. I have had this key myself and Eclipse worked perfect for it.
  2. Thanks Rick , I do make the donation and would like pay you for the keys and postage as well. You assistance much appreciated. will PM you in a minute
  3. Thanks Rick for this useful info, could you please advise where about to get these 8 keys pre cut or what are they or their references/names. Today I had a customer that needed a TGA Wheelchair Powerpack Duo key (below) but I did not had one, she was prepared to pat £20+ just to have it same day. She lost all her keys.
  4. exp121260

    Key id please

    longer version of KS1 in HD CODE IS HL54KD
  5. exp121260

    Keypsafe R6 mortice key

    Just cut it on 5G Rim blank , I am sure it work perfect as I have done plenty of them.Unless you want original blank .
  6. T college cut it for you to same size strips if you you buy sheets from them .
  7. Thanks Graham, just responded to you message !
  8. AB 69x very close but not the right blank , it looks more like AB68X
  9. Is a pre cut key available for this window lock?
  10. Brilliant , thanks for that Graham! Very helpful as always.. I have this very similar key in stock, JMA AS-4G , just wonder if this key can do the job or won't fit??
  11. exp121260

    Key id please

    Have look at Silca LF56 as well
  12. Any blank recommendations ? It for a cupboard. Thanks
  13. exp121260

    Key ID assistance please

    Thanks Graham , Did actually cut one on LS14 and asked customer to try, but LS14 wasn't wide enough for this key or I probably wasn't using the correct side of my machine jaw. See if it works but if not are there any other options available ?
  14. exp121260

    Key ID please

    Have done 2 in the past for a boat engine if I remember correctly, not used any adaptor, cut both on Silcal rekord, both worked fine.still have a blank in stock. However, the customer key did look like the one unloaded by Rudi. I thought this might work for him.
  15. exp121260

    Key ID please

    Bottom one
  16. Just wonder if a union pre cut key available for this key? If yes what M...M number. Thanks
  17. exp121260

    Union 5 lever pre cut

    It is 5 lever Mark, sorry for the confusion. corrected it now.
  18. exp121260

    key id help

    Silca RC7R I had one in last week and did not know above key will do it until someone on this forum told me
  19. exp121260

    yale ID

    lk103 = U4D I think
  20. Can anyone help with this key please.l
  21. Thanks , I feel better now Second time I come across this key and can't worked out what blank to use . Hopefully, I can remember next time !
  22. So RC7R would not do this key then Rick? Any other blank recommendations as my customer will come back tomorrow to have it cut?
  23. Spot on EST, Thanks the quick assistance.