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  1. i had some in my shop not found any yet look something special
  2. Codringtons

    1st Codringtons :-0 2nd whats up with sks heard the MD has gone & a few of reps left anyon e know more ?
  3. New Ninja Total

    that is true on the arm mine was £175 extra , but the kl machine is £250 cheaper than the jma lol not had any issues with the total and love it
  4. Silca Futura Pro

    looked at one when unicode died and almost got a futura but no it looked poor as had issues i use the keyline total machine and never let me down which is a great machie choice !
  5. New Ninja Total

    I miss my unocode just could not aford the 20K to replace it and add triax still for 6kish i got a machine that does same job so think got a deal
  6. Silca cutting card for YA84

    checked my instacode and only goes to ya83 think ya84 is security key and may not be on for that reason
  7. New Ninja Total

    Love my Ninja Total I had an old unocode (the very 1st ones and it died so wanted to get something to replace and to add to my range) I looked at the JMA machine at MLA the main key i wanted 2 copy yale sup. and Nope cant do ! told will follow soon still cant do maybe another TRS 5000 ID48 to follow soon and never follows ? the machine looks like a cheap copy of the silca machine just with some sort of jma software that also does not look to work well I have seen more posts on this site and people having issues so glad i passed . I looked at the Silca Futura too and nope even though it has the jaws and a sample lock none of the keys cut worked so not inpressed. looked impressive lots of fancy lights but even the cutting on cylinder side was slow but these did work i looked at the total as well and was thinking as it was a new machine ut at the mla it would have bugs in the system well every key cut worked i was thinking test locks always work so had my yale DEF lock in pocket and yes a working key the cylinder side was not as fast as the unocode that sadly passed away but it was also the fastest looking of the 3 but more to the point it was the only machine that actually cut a yale sup. key and worked. that was my new machine and have not looked back. Terry
  8. ID48 on JMA Trs5000 evo

    I received my monies back :-I
  9. SEC-E9 cutting machine

    is it just me http://www.silca.biz/en/products/key-replacement-business/electronic-key-cutting-machines/122012-1014600/futura-pro.html
  10. SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Taking about familiar think this machine is a copy of silca http://www.jmakeys.co.uk/noticiasdetalle.aspx?idNoticia=163
  11. Key ID please

    I had these b4 and had old Ilco stock and it is 1676 ilco sorry not great with cross ref numbers
  12. Shutter key

    thanks had same sunday and was correct
  13. ID48 on JMA Trs5000 evo

    Thank you i like'd the looks and price of this so purchased at the weekend just awaiting delivery not sure what to do with old machine return for credit
  14. Key ID help

    I did check the Alfa Range thank you but nothing matched So I looked in the gege section and yep think i have it , silly me ,
  15. Silca Twister vs RST Mustang vs SKS Panther

    Have one too, never let me down