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  1. Any chance I could be allowed Trade access please?

  2. price survey

    If someone wants to volunteer to do one, we have no issue with emailing the link out etc. once it has been done for people to complete.
  3. Howdy

    Welcome to the forum
  4. The site on there is a microsite of the main 'welovetrophies' website, so the source code will be practically the same and will relate all to the main welovetrophies site. All the microsites will be hosted on the same server as the main website. What I'm guessing is that Glenway have the facility to allow customers to have their own branded website on the same platform, where the customer will be able to change slideshow banners, website colours, logos and contact details. I'm guessing that the product prices, images and descriptions are all set by Glenway, and when they update in on their main website, it will automatically update it to the same as their site, so that all their customers who use their microsite have the same prices etc. The question that you should be asking is if any random person from the street can contact them and have their own microsite set up to start selling trophies, or is it only existing customers that can have it set up.
  5. You can find out registration details for most .com websites at https://www.whois.com/ and type in the website address at the top and press search
  6. Hi. We are currently in the process of creating a training manual and video to show you exactly how to use the machine. As soon as it is done I will let you know.
  7. In the first shot he has a piece of paper in his hand which he is reading, as the guy behind him signals to the officer. In the next shot the piece of paper is missing!
  8. Oh dear! I think the person in charge of continuity should have gone to Specsavers!
  9. Hi. I have a friend who is looking to start offering glass engraving on a number of different products i.e. wine bottles, perfume bottles etc. He it looking for an engraver that is able to engrave text and also detailed images which a user uploads. He is brand new to engraving, and is looking for some advice on the best engraver to buy. Also if anyone has any second hand glass engravers they are looking to sell please let me know and how much you want for it, and I will pass all the information on to him. Thank you in advance
  10. We are limited to what the forum software can do. I can see if it is possible but it is doubtful I think as it would already be a function if it was available.
  11. Introduction.....

    Welcome to the forum
  12. If you are on a thread, and someone else comments on it, you will get a popup telling you that X has commented.
  13. No - none of the posts need to be moderated. Is this the post you put up? - If so it is showing on the forum fine.
  14. I've not had any issues with the speed (I actually think it is quicker at loading that it was before). Is anyone else finding it slower?