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  1. CDTL

    JMA Multicode

    i do like it i had a demo and it was so easy but still dont know which one to go for out of the top 3 ?
  2. Hi everyone anyone know where i can get these please. Thanks in advance
  3. I like Silca and ninja and I see JMA are offering 10% off at the moment, all down to support and after sales really
  4. Hi everyone anyone know where i can get these please . Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone have just used these and work perfectly . Aldridge
  6. Morning everyone need to get hold of some of these but the smaller shaft as it will not fit in the cutter side of my machine thanks in advance
  7. Hi everyone have been doing up my old Lancer new jaws new spring set etc. Just one more thing needed as mine has cracked if anyone has one or knows where I could get one. Thanks in advance
  8. Morning everyone its been a while now since the Keyline Ninja Total , JMA Muliticode, and Silca Futura Pro has come out, any updates on which would be the best machine to purchase would really help. i did have a couple of demos JMA and Keyline, JMA went well Keyline went not so well thanks in advance
  9. Anyone seen or have one any info would be much appreciated
  10. how old is the machine please
  11. have you still got this for sale
  12. Hi I have one for sale mastergrave universal pm if interested
  13. Very Good Condition PM me if interested £4500 Donation will be made if sold
  14. Just got 3 thousand done by SKS with their G head got both sides printed look amazing really pleased