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  1. Now see Technical Tony @ Davenport - thank you

  2. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    Keyscan Diagnostic Programmer

    I noticed no-one replied , they are ok .... for what they do .... Not trying to make this post to an advert but a truthful reply is, if you buy one you will find lots of cars you can not do, so to complete the gaps as best as you can, you would end up buying an MVP or Zedfull as well as Keyscan (or in place of ) . Great machines to test the water but to be confident in not sending to many jobs away you will need to add to this ....
  3. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    card number please

    I checked InstaCode as well, sorry nothing
  4. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    Paxton fobs

    Yes Zedfull - Zedbull - machines WILL Copy these .. the same way as you would a car (They use the same systems) Send the customer away with the chip to "" SNIFF "" the data and come back another day and there you go a copy . Not just car machines lol
  5. Technical Tony @ Hickleys


    that is 100% true
  6. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    Laser Machine Wanted

    Not sure if you have seen these Demo - 2nd Hand Machines (Hope its ok to post these links) Dimple and Laser - Copy Only https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment_item.php?p=usedhurricane Laser Only - But to code - https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment_item.php?p=usedchackabay
  7. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    Cutting to Code. What machine would you recommend.

    Blitz machines are great and cheaper - Use Instacode and you have a Full Cylinder set up . A9P Miracle is great entry machine to computer code cutting - really I say entry in loose terms, the main thing it does loads of types of keys just never going to be as fast as say a Silca Unocode, Silca Futura is also worth a look at . If you need any more details so you can read through these , please PM me and I can try and help you further , thanks
  8. Technical Tony @ Hickleys

    Pre-Cut Filing Cabinet Keys

    These sound Like LF keys . anyone with a Code cutting machine should be able to help you
  9. YES - Agree Not difficult, but time consuming (less on computerised and a little more on manual) with changing the cutters etc be it computerised or manual, The fastest machine I know is the Miracle MT but that is set for one type of key , no need to change cutters or tracers .
  10. Technical Tony @ Hickleys


    Hi, I have used this myself (and am 1000% novice) but with the 3 ways to copy keys I found it good. TBH when first launched there was not much in the way of Instructions and I think this was the biggest issues , Now there is a Massive step by step guide that comes with these and this is what I used to try my first key copies and made me from a Novice to a just above novice .. I 100% still advise the training is worth while which is a day with us, and this would set someone up really well .
  11. Watch Batteries - Zone locks ,,, Looks interesting !

  12. Technical Tony @ Hickleys


    Hi, I know we will say ours is the best, But best I will say is have a look at the link and all that this can and can not do , we do offer training days as well , PM me if you need further help , and please feel free to have a look at this link to help you look around https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/zedfull_mercedes.php
  13. Agree RST MUSTANG for the Money is a Great Machine - and TBH the Yale keys are fiddly on all machines including the computerised machines , so not to take that as a negative . The Mustang also comes with Multi Lock cutter set FULL - Normally around £100 plus for these alone and a Tubular Jaw set Great Machine Great Price need more details just ask
  14. agree , myself and a couple of customers have made some using the car jaws and they do work, a little awkward but they work .
  15. Good Morning I hope this reply is of help as we offer Keyline / JMA / Silca / MVP and Zedfull so try to give you the best reply Keyline was an issue with everthing being copied onto " Battery " style heads, Basically you had to order Keyline keys only for normal and ID48 , but I believe Keyline now has launched a chip so should work with other makes of keys - Not bad for a shop and the first with ID48 JMA - TRS5000 not a bad machine but always playing catch up - Still waiting for ID48 add on Silca - Always seems to be the best working database'd machine, Always does what it says on the tin . When they add a system and say it works, it does work - ID48 so far with Silca have 200 makes and models and they are 100% guaranteed - and in time this list will get bigger and bigger . MVP pro - the longest running company to have a machine to program keys lost as well as if they have but all via OBD diagnostics Only, so meaning plug into the car to make a new key and / or remote . covers around 80% of all cars on the market, will not cover most BMW / Mercedes and Volvo . Zedfull - As a clone machine its a good machine, Sadly the only clone item it can not do is ID48.. BUT when using the OBD function it can do almost if not all ID48 when plugging directly into the car. Basically the Zedfull is the next generation Locksmith and shop machine . Its the most powerful machine you can purchase. Reason is all its full abilities (But some of them are not just plug and play EG Eeproming) BMW / Mercedes / Remote recycle / Chip Recycle / Lost keys solution / Cloning / OBD - Diagnostics for around 80% of cars / and then Eeproming for 200 plus types . Good for a shop wanting to do keys - Great for a shop wanting to do remotes - and Excellent tool for a full mobile locksmith wanting as much for the money as possible .