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  1. And how much time would that take you and what would you charge for your time?
  2. Profile looks like the type used on shutters - Viro, Tessi, Prefer, etc...
  3. Definitely Zoo. Think it's their retro-fit Fortress replacement lock so any Fortress blank should do it.

    Have always had 1st class service from SKS. Not going to stop using them because of your bad experience. Why not take your Ava key to a local locksmith, I'm sure you could still make a profit? If none around you do Ava, advise them the best place to go. Customers like helpfulness and remember you for the jobs you can do in-house.
  5. Dirak 2233

    https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/1046-AMERICAN-LION-YALE-CHUBB/P129061 ?
  6. You're welcome, glad it worked out for you.
  7. Reformation

    That blue thing on your kids shirt looks like a middle finger salute. And rightly so...
  8. Always used HD 1A, never a failure. You watch, tomorrow...
  9. S L, probably is Smith & Locke (see what they did there?), which is another branding of Eurospec locks. I think it's used to supply the sheds such as Screwfix.
  10. Inside my card was the following handwritten message: "You're amazing. Thank you for being cool, and getting me into good music." If there was one thing I would have wished for...
  11. On my RS206 I have the keys held by the pipe, but with the bits just to the right of the clamping blocks (helped by the recesses in the clamping blocks). Line up front edges of blank and original key with cutter and tracer and away you go. I know it may sound obvious, but keep making sure the bit you're cutting is always perpendicular to the cutter.