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  1. got to agree with lee about somsr, buy theres a general appethey in this trade , ive always supported the show ( love a night out in a strange town, and theres a great indian in Solihull) . use it or loose it, in fairness phill binns told ne he did more business at a regional show in the north east than at the last cutting edge
  2. there was a cutting edge show at Manchester a few years ago , if my memory serves me right standards didn't attend coz they were too busy , in fairness its a shame the attendance at the last ce show was so poor use it or loose it
  3. Tom D


    actualy I know 1st hand how much chris Wilson does for our trade ( cutting edge magazine wouldn't exisist but for his " birches " revenue however the service ive had & I can only speak from personal experience is shite lately hence me telling his rep not to bother coming back I still & always will do business with them but not as much
  4. Tom D


    most of it wrong ? as per usual 3 times that new rep has been to my shop 3 times hes got not left with an order sad to say I told him not to call again ( sorry but he hasn't got a clue nice enough bloke not a shoe repair person why they never sent him around with phill ? ) anyway good riddance colledges offer a much better service
  5. thanks cantseem to find his shop whats its name? and frank at body got an address ?
  6. i was chatting today to an old friend whoom ive known since we were boys at mister minit in 1985 , my old friend was wondering what happened to 2 of our former colleagues who we hadn't seen for years John Matthews , and frank o,keefe , anyone know of their were abouts
  7. Tom D

    shoes not collected signage

    get the money upfront ( don't be shy ) I started this 4yrs ago never looked back all those cheapskate lowlifes go away . your left with good customers who appreciate what you do , then again you could loose out to someone cheaper ?
  8. nice bloke nice company too the top end stuff is ok as is the ( not sold in supermarkets) shoe care
  9. yes ive noticed this like all new technology this is only the 1st stage ,notice this one does any 3 keys for a tenner, unlike the one in my local morrisons and dosent require the operator to select the blank, also nobody ever sed to ask me how much they do now, my advice match it , ido and my moneys is up, see for a supermarket the machine takes up 2 foot square , its very profitable
  10. dave was another legand he always sorted you out even if you were on the stop list ?, old school we all have our own opinion of reps (an endangered spcies) in thisday and age, as for bad reps , keith remember Harold , 3 shops in a row , a power unit in each ?, a fella I worked for was sold a 850d a 700 bandscourer and a blake on s&e leasing , Harold went up the road and sold the same to his competition, when he next appeared , my boss said when this lease finishes I'm going to cut these machines int 4 inch squares and post them through your letterbox
  11. it was always said at timpsons don't trade stitch ( they were right) you don't know what lies underneath ? think how much an awl and needle costs is it worth having to set it up again because of someone elses work
  12. steve hick is a great bloke phill binns was only bother was phill worked for a shit company ?
  13. its for cutting a blind stitching flap ( if that's the correct term ) ive got one and the original parts list made by standards , the book that came with it must be pre war they had an agency in palastine
  14. [ content removed for inappropriate language ] - Administrator