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  1. kieth a quick question   how much  for a 2nd hand dn76?





    1. keithm




      I have one for sale at present, second hand and in excellent order, £2500 plus delivery and VAT.





  2. leather belting

    fucks sake nd hes from hull as well no need to be nasty hes retireing ( better the devil you know ?)
  3. leather belting

    apparently phil binns replacement is the boyfriend of one of the girls in the leeds office, ive tremendous respect for phil don't think I'm going to feel the same about his replacement, now according to phil hes been learning his new job in the warehouse. it was probabaly him who picked my order
  4. leather belting

    once sent me 2 left footed dm units
  5. could someone please explain to the Charles birch group that when a customer orders 3metres of 8mm leather belting , he dosent mean 4 one metre lengths , god help them when phil retires
  6. might be getting a refit with a full timpsons unit perhaps
  7. in the unlikely event that that little cockney bas--rd ever visited my shop ( which is highly unlikely) id hit the fucker so many times he would think he was surrounded I heard him on the radio saying how he haggles over a pkt of digestives shame on the little #### poor shop workers on basic wage
  8. you wont but such is the ignorance of the great british public , shes aske for 3 yale keys 1a s best of luck to her
  9. wasn't that from wa--kin timpsons oh same thing
  10. everything sorted thanks
  11. any one got denies phone number ? thanks in advance
  12. looks clean though dosent it ?
  13. well just taken a quick gander a standard 90 it says well I know the open frame ones , 850ds etc lynx puma etc but heres one ive never seen mind loos a monster over to you keith enlighten me ?
  14. nice but space wise isn't it as big as a 700 ? I once had a "split 700 " with the separate brushes I had to move to a smaller unit with a pillar it was great
  15. sure it was called the concept 90 using the space was its selling point if I'm not mistaken it used preformed rolls instead of bands, never worked on one but this one seems funny with the wheels at different heights