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  1. Count Muppet

    Engraving into animal horn?

    The tankards aren’t going to be made of rhino horn they are most likely discarded deer antler or man made materials
  2. Count Muppet

    Key ID

    Maybe a BLA2?
  3. Count Muppet

    X T post box key

    Silca BMB5
  4. Count Muppet

    Zone padlock key?

    The key in the photo looks 5-10mm longer than the JMA JU2 that I have in stock
  5. The RST copy looks like it’s been cut on a very blunt blade. I wouldn’t expect the machine to be set up very well. if this is for an APG door, I’ve had troubles with these myself but usually put it down to poor quality blanks
  6. Count Muppet

    cutting yale platinum

    Sorry, I meant to say depths. the C cut has 3 but the F cut has 4
  7. Count Muppet

    cutting yale platinum

    the laser cut definately isn’t the same so I’m sure it won’t work. There’s also 4 positions on platinum instead of the 3 on superior
  8. I thought that as there’s islands made out of it these days that are gonna be there til the end of time that it must be a suitable material
  9. I’d use mettalex (I think that’s what it’s called) looks like brushed brass but is plastic with a gold coloured aluminium coating. might be better than brass against the sea water and it’s nice and light
  10. Count Muppet

    Trade members

    Haha. You’d definately go far with timpson especially with a name like that.
  11. Count Muppet

    Watch tools

    They are spares
  12. Count Muppet

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    I saw his shop on Facebook. He’s due to move to bigger premises next month. Maybe why he wants an extra pair of hands.
  13. Count Muppet

    Lynx power unit

    What is their website? Whenever I search “cutting edge” I either find links to this forum or links to hairdressers.
  14. Looks like it will glue back on nicely. Any gaps can be fixed with the famous superglue and dust trick.
  15. Count Muppet

    SKS prices

    I use rings but hate doing it because they don’t look great. why can’t they just make the holes bigger? Would use less metal and be more profitable for them too.
  16. Count Muppet

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    Don’t get started on f@!@ing helicopters again!
  17. Count Muppet

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    So you’d take people in any old state then or just Wyoming?
  18. Count Muppet

    Lynx power unit

    That will be great. Thanks
  19. Count Muppet

    Lynx power unit

    Ours normally come in the weekly mail from head office Peter, so timpson may have stopped them in case we get ideas? also used to be put in the downloads section though. Thats where is normally read it
  20. Count Muppet

    Lynx power unit

    Not seen a cutting edge magazine since September. Are they still printing?
  21. Count Muppet

    Description please

    One of those magical “skeleton keys” ?
  22. Count Muppet

    Engraving into wood

    Think these are Timpson terms. we grade cutters in order of fineness of their cutting point. A is the sharpest, the tips get wider the higher up the alphabet you go
  23. Count Muppet

    Description please

    Fed up of shoecare. Too many stupid questions, too much space wasted on my stock shelves and takes up around 40% of my display space. no matter how much I have and all different types of things it never seems to be what they want
  24. Count Muppet

    IS200 'Beep'

    We still use a serial connection and ours beeps. I always wait for the beep to confirm the job has been sent. I wouldn’t want it turned off personally.
  25. Count Muppet

    Theme park

    He sent a pod to mars on April 1st. He even tweeted about it