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  1. They do. but they seem to be stronger and can trim smaller because of the metal head that they sit on
  2. Go to http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/ type “Inflex” into search bar without “ “
  3. Count Muppet

    Key cut to code?

  4. Count Muppet

    Key cut to code?

    HD LF40 I think should be ok to cut to code
  5. Count Muppet

    Problem with sending messages

    I messaged technical tony with no problems yesterday
  6. Count Muppet

    Need to get a bloody life.

    This site tells you how many are left https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=Mazda+mx5&commit=Search
  7. Count Muppet

    Superlock key cut to pick

    Maybe his inbox is full?
  8. Count Muppet

    Rim lock mortice key to code

    Seen those ones on the newer yale rim locks
  9. Just thinking back on this sale. surely with how the smart pro upgrade has been done, this must have been the bargain of the year!
  10. Count Muppet

    Need to get a bloody life.

    It’s become a habit for me. I’ll look at least 20 times a day and also on xmas day. Too easy to look because I’ve got it set up to go direct to the home screen when I open an app on my phone.
  11. Looks like it says Pat. across the shaft of the key. Maybe this is another where you should be using original blank?
  12. Count Muppet

    mvp pro

    And you better not forget the donation or you’ll be for the chop
  13. Count Muppet

    mvp pro

    I fear that the value of an MVP has dropped massively since the launch of smart pro and probably now isn’t worth much more than it’s trade-in value plus any tokens on there. Although, that does still mean it’s worth in the region of £2k