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  1. I can do all those graham
  2. Count Muppet

    Embracing change

    Doesn’t look like a very friendly comment, or maybe I’m reading it wrong. im sure he takes enough for a good living. If I had my own shop and took that much I’d have enough to pay someone else to do the work for me.
  3. Been getting it more and more recently and it’s made my customer service slip a fair bit. ive been silly enough to give many people good discounts without them asking and explain how much it would have been, only for them to ask for more discount. All of them seem to love the term “Last price” after being told that’s my last price, take it or F off (depending how many people have asked that day it may even be a stronger reaction) I’ve found that they enjoy my honesty and pay up no problem. doubt that would work for everyone though and I should probably calm down myself but I reckon I’ve put 10% on my sales recently
  4. Just had another key in that’s made me change my mind. c=1121
  5. Count Muppet

    another fishy watch

    Wow thats a whole new level to anything I’ve ever seen
  6. Spacing definately seems off. i read it as 1131
  7. Not a problem I have seen myself. does it have something to do with the “C” cut not working when cut by code on certain machines?
  8. You not heard google phoning up to book a hair appointment? getting too clever these days. https://youtu.be/2D-8NsZuhHY
  9. I suppose that’s right. It’s definately saying no cut instead of 1 though
  10. It’s the 4+3 card you needed a=3112 b=223 c=1323
  11. Count Muppet

    Broken fake.

    Best possible outcome that. You keep the customer because you were honest and they will spend far more with you in future because they trust you
  12. Count Muppet

    Broken fake.

    It probably wasn’t you that broke it, you probably were the one who discovered it was broken. Those fake ceramic watches always break easily when knocked.
  13. That’ll tell him That was his one and only post, posted 3 years ago. He hasn’t logged in for 2 years either.
  14. Count Muppet

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    If you have more than one person working in your shop I can’t see it being a bad idea as long as you still make it obvious you do shoe repairs.