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  1. I think you are right, but it makes the point pretty well.
  2. I don’t think we are saying there should be no packaging. However, there has definitely been more packaging of late that we managed perfectly we’ll without for years. I am just looking at my Ford Custom van key that has been in daily use for two years and on a large bunch of keys and if you put a new blade on it I doubt you could tell it wasn’t new without looking at it. However, packing is probably required, but as you say we need alternatives. Today I received a Renault Laguna Emergency key blade with a protective plastic cap, on the plastic head and then it was bagged in a resealable plastic bag, inside a plastic bubble pack, inside yet another plastic bag!
  3. Arrived this morning! I think this demonstrates my point quite well. Why do we need a piece of engineered plastic over the head of the blade in a bag! Probably not the suppliers fault but the manufacturers.
  4. Paper bags

    I agree that it looks very slick, but the point I was making is that it adds to the plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and land fill etc. These bags are used perhaps only for minutes before being discarded. Cost isn't an issue, which is why a paper bag even if more costly might be the solution.
  5. Paper bags

    We aren't totally plastic free yet. I agree that sometimes it is convenient to use plastic bags to organise customers belongings. But maybe paper would work just as well (Produced from sustainable sources of course ) It's something to think about though.
  6. Paper bags

    We have been conditioned to think everything has to be packaged, good presentation etc. I have been as guilty. In reality, most of the time it is uneccessary. Do we really need to put a couple of keys in a bag? Won't they fit in a pocket just the same? Shoe repair is a great way of recycling or cutting down on waste. Perhaps we should expand the ways we cut down on waste.
  7. Paper bags

    We have paper bags and always have used them. However, of late most customers don't want a bag at all. We will never be using plastic bags. Customers often bring their shoes in carrier bags but I tell them to keep the bag and bring it in when they want to collect. Don't get me on my high horse again about plastic! There is far too much being used in our trade uneccessarily to supply materials. It's about time suppliers got with it and started promoting more environmentally friendly solutions. At the risk of going off topic, I'm not even sure which rubber/PU products are manufactured from recycled materials if any? We should know I think.
  8. Thanks Sorry if I'm being thick but who are TWT?
  9. I have customer that needs a plinth band corrected. It doesn't want to rub out seems a really hard finish. I'm guessing Nickel Plated instead of Silver? I'm guessing I could send it to Swatkins for repair, but may be easier/cheaper to get a new one, but looked online and can't see the dimensions anywhere, 115 inside diameter and 48mm height. Any ideas?
  10. Anyone else getting increasingly frustrated by the growing amount of single use plastic used in packaging in our industry? Is this really necessary? And it's not just JMA. We used to receive our car key cases loose but now they come in bags. The resealable ones I don't mind so much as they can be re-used but I don't know what purpose it serves. First thing I do when I get them is pull the plastic off and bin it so that they can be put on the peg boards anyway!
  11. Hi, Please can someone help ID this key for Mammoth Automatic Gate?
  12. doesn't have tibbe clamp or 4L so that's another fair few quid
  13. Going to have to give this a try as last resort!
  14. Yeah been trying that. But anything small enough just bends