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  1. Hi, It's Superior. It would be great to see if your Futura does a better job than mine if you could send one?
  2. Thanks Mate. Really appreciate that
  3. Graham that would be a fantastic help. Please can you? Tell me how much the postage and blanks are and i’ll settle up with you.
  4. So I give up! I have tried a number of times to cut the key above and have had no success. Used decode on the machine, plus the suggested code above (reversed) and tried a full recalibration of the machine and now I will have to refund the customer. Any suggestions welcome ut I think the Futura is just not up to the job for some reason. I have had really mixed results with these.
  5. Monday morning gripe! Why are there two exhibitions a week apart? Would like to have attended both, but putting them so close together isn't great in my opinion. I'd have thought it would make much better sense to spread them apart a bit. I'm going to Alex in Nottingham this weekend, but I doubt those going to Nottingham would then want to go to Bristol the next weekend for the Shoe Repair exhibition. Is it just me or if you were planning an event wouldn't you check what else was happening and spread things around a bit? Maybe it's just the challenge of finding venues at the right price?
  6. Thanks both i’m sure that’s what I had. I might need to try recalibration
  7. Having problems again with a Yale Superior. Futura won't decode it correctly and I've tried by eye and failed Anyone able to help?
  8. Hi, Anyone know which font this could be? I can't seem to match it on my Umarq machine
  9. Simes


    Hands mainly. Notice the pain in the morning when I wake up. Particularly bad if we've been busy on repairs. My grandfather had ulcerated leg apparently due to using the stirrup on a last for years.
  10. Simes

    Key id?

    So I guess the answer is we can't do them? I can't see anything similar
  11. Why not just cut a new key or else give him/her the money back!! Done more damage to himself and the trade because of his arrogance in my opinion! I had some keys back yesterday. I'm at a loss! The customer had to get them cut elsewhere in the end as they needed them and weren't local. They were branded ZOO cylinder keys so I've no idea why they wouldn't go in the lock and she didn't bring the original with her. But to be honest, it may just have been me having a moment and not selecting the right key. Gave her the money back and kindly asked if she could please drop by with the original so that I could know my mistake. I'm sure that approach goes a lot further with the customer than making them out a liar.
  12. Yeah I tried it just after posting. Had thought it was much deeper ingrained. Once tgat’s Done is there something else I could use to generally clean off the grime then nourish and re-polish? What do you recommend. I have very little shoe care here.
  13. I have my own pair of Barker McLean shoes and they are a light tan. However, While repairing them I've noticed they have picked up some dirty staining probaby from driving in them. How can I best rejuvenate them do you think? Especially removing the black mark?