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  1. Why not just cut a new key or else give him/her the money back!! Done more damage to himself and the trade because of his arrogance in my opinion! I had some keys back yesterday. I'm at a loss! The customer had to get them cut elsewhere in the end as they needed them and weren't local. They were branded ZOO cylinder keys so I've no idea why they wouldn't go in the lock and she didn't bring the original with her. But to be honest, it may just have been me having a moment and not selecting the right key. Gave her the money back and kindly asked if she could please drop by with the original so that I could know my mistake. I'm sure that approach goes a lot further with the customer than making them out a liar.
  2. Yeah I tried it just after posting. Had thought it was much deeper ingrained. Once tgat’s Done is there something else I could use to generally clean off the grime then nourish and re-polish? What do you recommend. I have very little shoe care here.
  3. I have my own pair of Barker McLean shoes and they are a light tan. However, While repairing them I've noticed they have picked up some dirty staining probaby from driving in them. How can I best rejuvenate them do you think? Especially removing the black mark?
  4. Ah. Thanks. However, given that the code that has come back puts the extra cuts as a No Cut and the spacings and depths on each card is the same that shouldn't actually make a difference in this case should it? If my assumption is correct then we are saying that the Futura has decoded axis a wrong in giving a 0 cut which should actually be a 1 cut?
  5. So... Another Yale Superior in today to cut on the Futura. Here is the existing key, the code the Futura got and the resulting key. Not convinced myself. Any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone here sharpen dog clippers? If so do you have any tips? I dismantle them, clean then then run the flat cutting edge of each of the blades (in a pair) on the flat surface of my Tormek until they are shiny and re-assemble. However, I have had one customer who says they are snagging badly. A shame as she has loads of them and it would have been a nice job for repeat business. Not sure what else I could have done better.
  7. Just timed cutting one of these and it took ten minute. I had the code. One thing I've noticed though is that it often goes to sleep when you turn the clamps to side B and you have to start again with side a. Anyone else noticed this?
  8. it worked. Thank you
  9. Thanks all. We’re shut today but will give it a try tomorrow.
  10. My guess is that this is a very long shot. Instacode says that the codes are missing for Karrite lock series 2801- 2900. Key number is 167 and the blank is Silca LF12 JMA BL-2. I don't suppose there is any other source for the bitting on these is there?
  11. Not the Futura anyway! I wonder if someone could compare these and suggest a cutting code please? Original customer key is the first then and then what the Futura decided it should be.
  12. Simes

    Spring Bars

    Thanks mate. I have ordered off the t’internet so we’ll see if they are any good. If not I might be back in touch! Thank you