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  1. M.O.D. maybe that is what i thought he means.
  2. Same as the Yale crap featured on TV at the minute. Key cutting will never die out in my lifetime.
  3. grahamparker

    Double bit safe pin key

    Just remind me of your address in a message and i will get it in the post today.
  4. I hope it worked after all that effort. I assume it was the first one you did.
  5. grahamparker

    Key I.d

    Don’t Austria shut down for a month during summer like the Germans and Italians do ?.
  6. grahamparker

    Double bit safe pin key

    One of these ? The gauge is 4.5 or my vernier measures it at 5.50mm.
  7. grahamparker

    Karrite "MIssing Codes"

    Worth a try as the code is listed as 3 digits and not 4.
  8. grahamparker

    Karrite "MIssing Codes"

    I change the cut type to Flat to make a smoother entry and exit from the lock.
  9. How long does it take on the Futura ?.
  10. grahamparker

    Alternate code

    I do not have any either Rick but i can order some from Aldridges (i order just about every day) and can post them to you if your stuck.