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  1. IDC Stamped keys

    I always work on the principle if you cannot find a genuine blank or Silca/Jma/Keyline/HD equivalent then whatever fits and works is the correct blank.
  2. Sabre Key

    It is the length that is the important part of cutting the key.
  3. We don't get many returns so we NEVER request to see a receipt, we may get the occasional chancer but it isn't worth arguing over.
  4. CCTV Does the trick, you only need 1 camera on the counter, if the customer knows the date and approx time it is easy enough to find.
  5. Silca Futura Pro

    Supposedly. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/p-10757-silca-brs3r-key-blank-to-suit-brisant-ultion.aspx But i prefer to stock and sell the cylinders and use Genuine blanks.
  6. Sabre Key

  7. Sabre Key

  8. Sabre Key

    We use Silca UL054 on these all the time and they work spot on, make sure you cut down the end of the key and make it the same length at the tip as the original.
  9. Silca Futura Pro

    6 Pin is not an issue.
  10. key ID please

    Yes it is restricted. I usually order the through Aldridges specials or as mentioned get one made on the Easi entrie.
  11. who is this

    Was it Betty's stunt double ?.
  12. mister minit

    And they where taken over by Timpsons.........Hmmmm.
  13. who is this

    He was badly burn't at one stage needing a complete new skin graft over 100% of his body.