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  1. https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-6835-leather-stacked-heel-covers-shaped.aspx Charles birch
  2. algsoul

    Easter weekend

    just Monday off for me
  3. algsoul

    Clasp for bag

    if stuck buy a old bag/satchel from age uk etc and use that
  4. algsoul

    Wanted - Patcher

    just seen one on ebay under shoe repair machine £450
  5. algsoul


    don't take long to run a knife down seams and put a new zip in say £1.20 for the zip good half hour doing the job 16 inch zip good money
  6. algsoul


    one hour service
  7. algsoul


    £1.60 per inch
  8. birch do the original blank got some the other week
  9. big thanks to graham for helping with the forum lawrence
  10. think the rs136 is just the old rst blank number