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  1. not surprised , rare to see one for sale as such good equipment
  2. these have always been reliable in past , as peter says everything is slow until mid march after chinese new year while they play catch up , ive learnt to put a good order in before chinese new year to last till end of march when everything has settled back down. ive also learnt not to order a week or so before chinese new year as stocks are run down , and mistakes happen as everyone rushes to get orders away before shippers shut down and mistakes get made , so place my last orders at end of jan to see me through to march. they have always resolved issues in the past and responded politely and quickly , i dont use them much but when i have its always been issue free . im sure your issues will be sorted as they are one of the more reliable china suppliers not my prefered china supplier but one of the back ups i use without issue normally.
  3. well its a bargain for someone . i have AD and abrites , but still plenty that truecode is my first choice unit on , especially nissan , good for fiat as well but need tmpro to precode the remote as rest of tools like tango seem only to precode the chip and not the remote. at that price with that coverage , someone is going to get a nice token free unit
  4. thats a bargain for someone , but why sell it as its top draw token free kit and best nissan and renault programmer on the market in my opinion
  5. Cloners For Sales

    stranger things have happened at sea so no harm in asking , but i tend to agree with graham , i doubt one will come up 2nd hand on its own either
  6. certainly should have got a loan unit if out that long . there is nothing cheap with the coverage that mvp has on it , a good back up would depend on what makes and models you are looking to cover , some china machines have some good coverage these days on later models but all still have bugs and gaps in coverage compared to the likes of mvp . if you want good token free coverage , then you cant get better than truecode , developed and manufactured by an honest and good uk developer , affordable and its coverage works well , he doesnt release until extensively tested . the truecode coverage on nissan and renault is best on the market for reliability and ease of use , and the machine is well supported by the developer as well . cant praise this unit enough as just does what it says it does. truecode doesnt cover vag , but supervag is an excellent vag unit at a very fair price and has decent coverage and is also token free between the 2 you have alot of token free coverage on 2 legit well supported machines from reliable developers . with china you spend your money and take your chances , some are good , some are poor and some are a liablility , obdstar , skp900 , skp1000 , xtool , lonsdor seem to be the general units of choice at present , each has its strengths and its weaknesses , but each is token free and cheap .
  7. zedfull

    i suspect it will as old zedbull would do these , always worked well on astra/zafeira bosche remote but not sam remote , though may have improved it on zedfull from zedbull days . nothing better than advanced diagnostic kits on these old remotes most machines will do corsa c even the cheap op-com , but not abrites on remote which is odd they they didnt add this
  8. i think he means cheap key programmers that are token free , such as obdstar x300 dp , skp900 etc to save on using mvp tokens on all jobs
  9. Miraclone wanted

    free to a good home
  10. Miraclone wanted

    im selling the wife
  11. Rather large bill

    Such silly bills are not a new thing at all , in fact they are common across many trades , see them regular from some builders, roofers , driveways , plumbers , electricians , drain clearing firms , even some garages . where ever the potential exists for someone to be in a desperate position , you will also find sharks circling to exploit them by either ripping them off with bodged jobs or over inflated prices . this extends to many aspects of big business too , oil , fuel , utilities , medicines etc etc . sharks are everywhere . they have been around in the locksmith trade for as long as i can remember , and will no doubt be around for many more years to come preying on the vulnerable . the only way you stop it is to educate the public about prices and about their 7 day cooling off period if they have not signed to waive it , plus it helps if locksmiths answer their phone out of normal hours , many dont , but the sharks do . i see new bills being put up almost weekly online . trading standards for some reason , probably budget related dont seem to be on this at all and should be , after all their role is to protect the consumer , i can understand lack of funding to mount investigations , but when they have an itemised invoice where £345 has been charged for a lock , unless gold plated and jewel encrusted , its pretty obvious its a scam , so should be an easy case , unless this was quoted and and accepted then it becomes greyer . but all the time theres vulnerable or desperate people , there will always be such sharks , even if they licence locksmiths .
  12. Rather large bill

    theres a good few of them about , some eastern european outfits , leo locks that have just changed name again and a host of others . but you may be judging the firm unfairly , he may have had to drill and may have struggled if one of those locks defended by special metal , and the lock he fitted may be gold plated and jewel encrusted. if they have quoted prior to work commencing and the price was accepted , then they may be legally ok though morally despicable . customer should get quotes from reputable locksmiths based on same time and same parts , then contact trading standards
  13. Rather large bill

    these are common these days , always see a new one on various groups . im surprised people still pay such silly prices and dont phone around .
  14. for good remote coverage mvp is probably your cheapest viable option . chinese kits have their uses , but also their frustrations , not all claimed coverage will work and failures on some euro makes are common , each has its strengths and weaknesses , most of these china tools are good token savers when used with the likes of mvp , but not reliable as your only unit to rely upon. face it if they was advanced diag etc would all be out of business as we would all buy the cheap china machine and not need their kit. the first thing id advise doing is to work out which remote coverage you want and need , then match the right machine to your needs
  15. Silca servers

    has anyone emailed silca or mat at silca uk , im sure they can advise