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  1. i know they make a few and all varying prices , not sure which one , but i had a play with one of them and it was awful , we put some better cutters in it which improved it but so poorly made the one i saw will not last . mustang seems popular now , silca matrix , keyline punto are good , of the china machines i like the look of the xhorse manual laser machine far more theres also the cheap one sold by citysafe that looks nice to. im in market soon for a good condition keyline punto , mustang or silca laser machine .
  2. rapidlocks


    have a look on flea bay mick , same unit under different name on their and some uk sellers
  3. rapidlocks


    this unit seems to be getting alot of airtime on social media , and the internet , not sure how good , but available cheaper on flea bay https://gogadgetcity.com/products/diy-laser-engraver
  4. yup peter at lockdecoders is the man when it comes to these and is very helpful
  5. its interesting times for all of them at uap , with an exciting future for all going forward . they will grow and expand , its a huge coup for all involved and really positive for all at and involved with them
  6. theres a show in nottingham ? really ? i hadnt heard
  7. leave or stay , i just wish they would make their minds up and get on with it . europe will not give them a good deal as dont want us leaving , so any deal will put us in a poorer position than before , so they need to decide , in or out and deal with it , its become a complete farce and has exposed just how useless our politicians actually are
  8. rapidlocks

    Insurance mobile locksmith van

    i use locksure and no complaints
  9. instacode didnt cost 9k , but it does indeed cost to keep up to date , i have instacode for 15 years , so the cost to buy outright and then the 2 updates per year every year for 15 years , so does cost money to keep up to date . my ninja laser gets updates free for the life of the machine , however if wanting to run with instacode then instacode must be up to date which has a cost twice a year. ive not had to pay for an update on my viper to date either and had this for 14 years if memory right and 10 years on the back of a van , best workhorse investment i made . i cant fault either of these machines , though my older viper i suspect will outlive the rest of my machines .
  10. rapidlocks

    silca Viper & Edge Kit

    my silca viper is still my most used machine , its a proper work horse that will outlive all the new machines as built for heavy long term use. i have ninja laser and an A6 too , both excellent machines , but neither will give the service viper has and continues to do . silca viper , triax , 399 are indeed in a different league
  11. rapidlocks

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    it is fairly easy to have impressive fast growth when stealing someone elses design , software and work , then selling your copy cheap online as you have no development costs etc , without these costs and using inferior parts as no real guarantee given you can murder prices , and grow very fast , and as has been the case many times when the market dies , vanish ditch your customers and move on to copying something else. it may be impressive growth but its not ethical or even honest growth. it would certainly put many off from spending alot of time and money developing something new to not get a return because someone in china copies it and sells it cheaper and will have an effect on development of new products. as red tech have patents that are being infringed , i am though at a loss as to why they are not defending these and having this machine removed from sale , AD managed it with keypro m8 so it was removed from sale , and theres no copies of silca and ninja machines , so its possible to sort the copiers out if you have the patents and spend the money to stop them , so im at a loss as to why red tech are not doing so. if i was buying chinese , id buy xhorse condor as its at least their own work and not a counterfeit copy of another machine , counterfeit has become the norm but is still theft and still leaves casualties in its wake. i have a miracle A6 which is a decent machine thats used alot , but my main machines are silca and keyline machines , as a business investment they are durable long term investments that do stand the test of time and i believe long term work out cheaper as still working hard when cheaper machines need replacing often more than once , as with anything in life , you only get what you pay for .
  12. rapidlocks

    which machine to buy

    silca or keyline all day long , i prefer ninja laser to futura personally .
  13. rapidlocks

    Picks wanted

    what ones you looking for rob , i know a chap that was selling a load , not sure if still for sale or if he would split them , he had almost a full set , but all pre the new 110 and 114 , the previous generation