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  1. Auto Key Wizard

    mvp pro

  2. Auto Key Wizard

    Silca EKC

    Password that file so it's content is protected
  3. Auto Key Wizard

    would you clean these

    It means for the work that was required, in my opinion I'm thinking £5.99 is too lower cost.
  4. Auto Key Wizard


    Subscribed But I think better content is needed, and a sexy babe in the videos check these guys out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcp0FdoiLAYON05mM6l6TA
  5. Probably in the caravan...
  6. Auto Key Wizard

    eurospec mp10

    The dimple cuts are required for a working key
  7. Auto Key Wizard

    New Era Key ID

    I am cobbler and locksmith and have accounts with both Aldridge and Charles Birch
  8. Auto Key Wizard

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    That's where I got the info! Google. poor eyesight
  9. I'm 55 and do it most days
  10. Auto Key Wizard

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    Probably Melton Heel Bar Unit 8 The Mall 53 Nottingham Street Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE13 1NN
  11. Auto Key Wizard

    Key ID

    Tessi/Viro (Roller shutter) Silca VI13
  12. Auto Key Wizard

    Description please

    And when purchasing blister pack laces... They ask "are there two in the pack" No I say, "there is a pair"
  13. Auto Key Wizard

    IS200 'Beep'

    What voltage is supplied to buzzer? (to test)
  14. Auto Key Wizard

    What generator?

    A Pure Sine Wave inverter might be better
  15. Auto Key Wizard

    Single Use Plastic

    Plastic whale! Did I miss something?
  16. Contact David Everett (Derby) 44(0)7773 771869 He has Zed-Full for-sale
  17. I find these sale topics hilarious Composes a listing, but omits to add contact details and doesn't respond to replies in a whole month of initial listing the items
  18. Auto Key Wizard

    Lock identification

    What's wrong with that lock Graham?
  19. Auto Key Wizard

    Range cutter blades

    I sharpen mine on Tormek, Flat face placed on side of grindstone.
  20. It's sold, Gimme a call
  21. Auto Key Wizard

    Spot the Mistake?

    The sheet of paper is dropped out of view in the second frame. Here is the full video Exhibit C is at 0:36
  22. Auto Key Wizard

    key id

    I can confirm Silca REN1R will work with a shoulder modification.
  23. Auto Key Wizard

    Silca Futura Pro

    Falling over! did you have it upside-down I have the first generation Futura in the van, never misses a beat.