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  1. Contact David Everett (Derby) 44(0)7773 771869 He has Zed-Full for-sale
  2. I find these sale topics hilarious Composes a listing, but omits to add contact details and doesn't respond to replies in a whole month of initial listing the items
  3. Lock identification

    What's wrong with that lock Graham?
  4. Range cutter blades

    I sharpen mine on Tormek, Flat face placed on side of grindstone.
  5. It's sold, Gimme a call
  6. Spot the Mistake?

    The sheet of paper is dropped out of view in the second frame. Here is the full video Exhibit C is at 0:36
  7. key id

    I can confirm Silca REN1R will work with a shoulder modification.
  8. Silca Futura Pro

    Falling over! did you have it upside-down I have the first generation Futura in the van, never misses a beat.
  9. We don't entertain any return that's not supported by valid receipt
  10. Simples... Usually the person who cut the key will in turn take payment, that persons name or clerk number will be on the receipt
  11. Vitris Key Blank

    £12.50 - £15 would be my cost
  12. With three of us in the shop, it doesn't really matter who cut it, it will be checked and re-cut or replaced. Saying that, if a member of staff persistently cuts bad keys, they will get a bollocking from me.
  13. That is AD100 Pro, token free At that cost it seems a give-away
  14. Silca Futura Pro

    Did a 66 series 6 pin (with wider tip profile) last week and that worked too
  15. Silca Futura Pro

    I have decoded and cut over 20 Brisant Ultion keys with Futura using BRS1R with no issue, both 6 and 11 pin