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  1. Auto Key Wizard

    New Girlfriend.

    So, 'Jo Co' is the new 'Sc Jo'
  2. What is the wooden slating the boot is in Gray?
  3. Auto Key Wizard

    Diamonds are forever?

    Very easy when using Gravograph Twin-cut, Drag insert is smooth sided, Rotational has turned groove. I have various burnishing diamonds too.
  4. Auto Key Wizard

    Regent bitting needed

    What profile?
  5. Who won the solpadeine tablet?
  6. Auto Key Wizard

    Yale superior cut from picture

    Which series is it? I can run one off my Futura if you like, let me know Superior A:21332 B:2232 C:2232 Platinum D:21332 E:2232 F:2232
  7. Auto Key Wizard

    Motorhome key id please

    Silca SSA4RAP is with correct head shape
  8. It would be best for ALEXpo & Shoe Repair exhibition to be merged, but that has been discussed before eh Mick?
  9. Auto Key Wizard

    Trimark Caravan key to code

    I do these TM1RP on Futura, would need to check if it can do by code though.
  10. Auto Key Wizard

    Key id

    Silca UNI67R
  11. Auto Key Wizard

    Tool box key ID please

    Silca HU1, AGE1 or HD 41E
  12. Auto Key Wizard


    I have to agree, the right hand key equals the code on card
  13. I have never replaced a tracer on any mortice/cylinder machine in 38 years
  14. Auto Key Wizard

    Key ID please

    Top key Check Silca HF74 or RO5R as a substitute