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  1. kobblers

    Ronis key code

    They aren't available unless you buy 5,000 blanks from Ronis. Rick.
  2. kobblers

    Henderson T handle

    You da man!!! I wonder why it's not in Instacode? Rick.
  3. Anyone know what key does this lock as the code isn't in Instacode? Cheers. Rick.
  4. kobblers

    Dimple keys

    I agree with Kirky - he's also extremely helfpul if you need advice. Top marks from us! Rick.
  5. Well done, Valerie. Rick.
  6. Is it legal to cut British Waterways Board keys? Cheers. Rick.
  7. kobblers

    Key id

    I think they used to be known as American Padlock. Rick.
  8. Does anyone know what the keys could be for these handles. One has the number 7 on the back and one has the number 8 in a recess hole. Cheers. Rick.
  9. kobblers

    Password reset to log in ?

    I've already taken this up with Admin and am waiting on a reply as the previous administrator, Ben, has moved on to a different line of work. Rick.
  10. kobblers

    Key to Code

    Should be LF4, SIlca. Rick.
  11. What's a really good one for working with keys? Thanks. Rick.