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  1. kobblers

    Alternate code

    I only need 2, mate if you can help. Cheers. Rick.
  2. Mick will then donate them to the forum charity Rick.
  3. Interesting topic, folks. Please just keep in mind about being unnecessarily derogatory or rude about companies or thier employees. I know nobody has, so far, but passions can sometimes get extremely high and people can tend to let loose without thinking. Thanks. Have a good weekend. Rick.
  4. kobblers

    Alternate code

    Ta, muchly. You got a couple of spare blanks I can buy? Rick.
  5. Can someone give me the SIlca code for JMA RE5D? Rick.
  6. Can anyone provide these? Cheers. Rick.
  7. Use the blank that you cut them from: https://www.davenport-burgess.com/search.aspx?s=wms6 We normally have to shorten them after cutting so I'm fairly confident that they'll be long enough. Rick.
  8. kobblers

    STARK key ID

    No but it looked bloody similar to the ISI key that was posted on here, recently. Rick.
  9. Which Era blanks did you use? Rick.
  10. kobblers

    STARK key ID

    Anyone? Rick.
  11. Anyone know what blank to use for this? It looked very similar to Silca ASS44 but was 6 pin. Rick.