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  1. Single Use Plastic

    I agree. Whenever I buy keys in boxes, they always seem to be bagged up inside, too. I buy a lot of blingy keyrings from Birch and Colledge and they always come wrapped in bloody cellophane and it does my head in because I then have to faff around removing them and they also can't be recycled. Why don't they wrap them in tissue? Other stuff: Packs of Insoles Packs of soles and heels Packs of liquid polishes Umbrellas Pet tags. Why, why, why? Rick.
  2. Sabre Key

    If the YA91 supercedes the old six pin Yale, does that mean it will also do the Sabre and Q blanks, then? Rick.
  3. Bugger. I just read your reply - I coulda done with that roller as my arthritis is getting worse. Rick.
  4. Sabre Key

    Same as Graham. If it's the one I think it is, you have to file the excess away from the tip so it's the exact same length as the original. Rick.
  5. Hi all

    Welcome to our little corner of the world. Rick.
  6. Ell bee patio key

    I agree with canoncan. Rick.
  7. who is this

    You lot seriously disturb me, at times....... Rick.
  8. Who, Bargy? Me, or Cowers? Rick.
  9. You shop in M & S? I can't afford to even shoplift from there! Rick.
  10. KEY ID

    Got a pic? Rick.
  11. Silca Futura Pro

    Are the adapters expensive, Graham? We have to decide whether there's a market for one of these machines in our town before we make an investment. What machine will do the Ultions, Astras, etc? Cheers. Rick.
  12. Are these machines any good and what keys do they currently do? What keys can't they do? Cheers. Rick.