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cabinet lock "master" blank

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Howdy Folks,

First consensus is try these folks,

We don't think aftermarket blanks are available,

Contact Info

Lock Corporation of America, Inc.
300 Milwaukee St.
PO Box 437
Sparta, WI 54656

Phone (local): (608) 269-0112
Phone: (866) 637-8427
Fax: (608) 269-8369
Email: sales@lockcorporationofamerica.com


possible an Ilco 1541 may be modified to fit but not confirmed, I do not see a crossover for Silca



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21 hours ago, EST said:


cabinet lock "master" key blank needed. (maybe made in USA)

Any suggestions...






Tony Wilkin //  Autokeys Development Manager 

Tel:  07572 216446   Email: tony@davenport-burgess.com  


DAVENPORT BURGESS, 47 Wednesfield Road, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1AL

t:   01902 366448                                f:   01902 602472          

e:  sales@davenport-burgess.com    w:  www.davenport-burgess.com           

FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:             Facebook | Twitter   

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