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I do the survey.  Free of charge.  No benefit to myself.   About 80 hours of work last time.  Even among the long standing members of this forum and a lot of coaxing on my behalf, they didn't bother their bottoms to compete the last survey.   What do you do when the people you are trying to help, don't want to be bothered. 

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Must admit to being one who did not fill out the last form for a few reasons.

1 was to busy between work and holidays.

2 does not take into account regional price differences between say Cities and the low income places like where we operate.

3 We have always worked our own prices out for 60 years and the fact we are still here suggests I know what i am doing.

4 The fact we own our property, no rent, No business rates, also had a fixed price (3 years) utilities deal until oct 23 which saved us thousands due to all the price


5 Timpsons price list is the best guide for all of us, just be cheaper and realistic. Also local competition can also be a major factor if you have a market stall nearby or another shoe repairer knocking out keys for £2.00 a go you wont be selling many at £5.00 each even if the others are crap and a lot the cut dont work they are cheap and people still go back because they are CHEAP.

Last but not least who do you buy blanks from and how much do you pay, do you buy the cheapest or the most expensive ? We only buy Silca for all cylinder blanks or genuine when available. We also bulk buy and get extra discounts so the price of a blank will also affect pricing which is why currently we have over 20 different prices for cylinder keys alone.


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