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RST Mustang van based

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Undo screws holding rubber feet in place. Then use these holes for fixing.

Drill hole in some 1/2 inch x 2 inch plates (approx) needs to be rigid so thin bit of stainless is good.

You may need to replace screws with slightly longer screws depending on thickness of plate.

Then screw down to work surface and bottom of machine.

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Unscrewed the rubber feet to find they were tiny, only 3mm diameter, I decided they had no strength to hold down the machine safely. In the end I decided to drill 4mm holes on the underside near the feet, then thread them out to 5mm. Got 4 x 5mm long bolts and marked up the bench in the back of my van using  stencil method. Worked a treat, now bolted down from under the bench in the threaded holes I'd made. So adapted your suggested method to secure it down. 

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