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Profile cylinder help...limited info...

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Howdy Folks,

Please bare with me  as I have limited information presently,

Another locksmith over here has what appears to be a sliding door with a specialized ? profile cylinder,

Best as I can tell  it is 20mm from face to center of retainer screw hole and or 15mm from face to cam edge,

It uses a 3 pin Yale key and the interior end is slotted to except a thumb turn with pull on the interior

He is looking for more cylinders to fit,

Please see photos, 

Apologize as this  is all the information I have at this time, and figure he will need to find the original installer, and or manufacturer of door assembly for parts,

Any help in the right direction to locate more cylinders is greatly appreciated,

Thank You for looking


Profile 5.PNG

Profile 1.jpg

Profile 2.PNG

Profile 1.PNG

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Thank You algsoul,

Unfortunately that would not work,

here is a  picture of the 3 pin Yale key, my apologizes for not posting a picture of it earlier,

Also notice on the back end of the cylinder it has a slot to except the lug from the thumb turn, photo 1, 3 & 4 shows the slot

I am also including a photo of the key way

By the by I still do not know what Yale key way it is,

Hope this makes better sense,

Thank You Again

Profile 5.PNG

Profile 6.PNG

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Thank You kobblers,

Thank You for the link, I will relay the information to him,

I do see a site that has what appears to be the interior trim, but a different gearbox / mortise body & cylinder system,

I see one cylinder with a slot on the back but uses a thumb turn and not a key, and is too long, so far

That is much better image searching then I did initially,

Thank You Again


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