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1 hour ago, kobblers said:

If I was still in the trade as a repairer, I wouldn't join them for the simple reason that they don't appear to vet their members to weed out the cowboys from the actual professionals and I wouldn't want to be associated with them.




Almost impossible to vet members of a trade, who sets the standards? Who vets the vettors?

Is there trade association anywhere that exams have to be taken before joining?

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18 hours ago, Count Muppet said:

I think the MLA let’s you join but have to take a test to be advertised through them

I tried to join the MLA 38 years ago, I was declined then because I did not know anybody (had to be recommended and seconded by existing members then).

Flat out refused to even consider me because we where predominantly a Shoe Repairs shop back then I felt i was looked down upon.

Anyway fast forward and today anyone can join if you show the colour of your money. I know a lot of current Members but refuse to join on principle now.

Why should i pay for someone to tell me I am now good enough to join (once cash has been paid).


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