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Engraving on cylindrical glass and pewter etc tankard price?

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On 12/19/2023 at 5:07 PM, hibsjo(SCO) said:

I always found it took tooooo long to engrave by diamond and for time on machine you had to charge silly money.

carry on!


you are not wrong, but I never factored in time on machine for Diamond engraving unless it was a corporate or multiple piece order where the machine would be in use on the one job for a really significant time (hours).

The reason for this, unlike laser and sandblasting (Laser due to fire risk, sandblasting...because it is all hands on) you can risk stepping away from the machine and thus maintain a level of productivity doing other things or working other machines while its engraving, aside from giving a lubricating spray on the glass every few minutes.

Yes, that particular machine is 'out of action' for the 10-15mins it might take to engrave 3 lines, but while its doing its thing, I'm on a second engraver setting up that job or getting sandblasting masks printed/setup, so unless the diamond engraving is taking 'My Time', which is rare, rather than 'machine time' I don't really see the point of charging for it....I only have 1 pair of hands and can only be in one place at a time after all.

To cover maninatance and cutter costs I put a percentage in the item price calculation to cover that.

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