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Hi from Hertfordshire

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you shouldnt need a training refresher course for just copying keys and cloning keys with rw4 plus and m box , its very straight forward . obviously with the kit you mention , only key cutting from an existing key so straight forward and only doing spare keys from a working key cloning , so limiting yourself to manual non remote spare keys or a very limited range of remotes that are still manually coded.

when and if you take the plunge to doing obd programming , all keys lost , gain entry and even eeprom work this is when you need to consider some training , at this point id also advise adequate insurance that covers you for working on cars and even covers you to be in charge of a car on the public highway , many neglect adequate insurance cover when working on vehicles , motor trade insurance is best but locksure do do a package for auto locksmiths.

but for the kit you have , training shouldnt be required for what you can cover with it .

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Thanks for your reply, I'm only looking at offering key cutting alongside my domestic service, as it's very quiet, I do not want to become a full on auto locksmith, just household key cutting, but can't find anywhere what cutters to use for car keys, dimple , keys , laser keys , ie, Brisant, superior, vag , etc , thanks 

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for car keys 3 cutters and tracers will suffice , 2.5mm , 2mm and 1.5mm .

you will find that the 2.5mm cutter will do most car laser track keys , smaller cutters of 1.5mm are needed for some newer car keys with narrower track like new ford and vag hu162 also for yale magnum , for tibbe keys you will need a 2.3mm cutter and tibbe adaptor and various other adaptors needed for some cars and some dimple keys.

Talk to Nikki at NW keys , they sell the mustang and the various cutters , adaptors and tracers required for the machine , so should be able to advise you , in addition the operating manual was posted on this forum a while ago 


you will also find posts on cutting various keys with the mustang on the forums via the search facility which is where i found this manual , as well as a number of videos online.

if mobile it will be quiet on keys as hard to compete with shop prices mobile , even clone car keys you will be working for shirt buttons , same with case change work .

in todays market so many want to walk into a shop and get a cheap key , many more want to order it online cut to code and delivered next day and often very cheap . for some you would need a cut to code machine with a manufacturer licence to access the data.

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