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ym23 on ic card 1896 , 8 cut key the 8th cut is a generic 5 cut on all 

the series uses 4 key heights , 5 being highest cut and 8 being lowest cut 

your key looks like 87556775

if your cut to code machine wants just the 7 cuts then just enter 8755677 the machine will add the generic 8th cut

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smart pro is not my go to tool on these , but yes it should be fine on these , i use abrites on these , but smart pro or mvp pro should be fine on these 

you cant add a key so will need to do the current key and the new key together.

is it just a spare key you are doing , if so should be fine , or is customer asking you to recode his existing key as stopped working ? if the case when he presses the button does the indicators flash 9 times ?

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customer has 1 key that works but is falling apart,so his idea is just to have another,only wants 1 working key ? 

gonna go up monday nite and do what he wants.i only have smart and mvp so hopefully  theyll be ok


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they should be fine , upsell a repair on their key too , cases readily available on these , both should do this car with ease .

after programming completes succesfully , disconnect tester and wait a minute or so , test remote is working first , dont attempt to start car until remote functions are working , if only the original key codes back in then do battery reset and try again .

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