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Re-dye satin shoes?

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I already did that…. Here is the response I received:

The water repellent helps the shoes not get dirty. If you had a glass of champagne and some of it spilled on your shoes it would repel off the shoes. If it was slightly raining outside and you had to run from the car to your Venue your shoes should be okay as long as you wiped off the water from the shoes. As I have in my listing it does not make the shoes waterproof. If there was a way to make these shoes waterproof I certainly would do it. All I can do is offer a light barrier of protection. A few drops of water would not harm the shoes at all as the water would repel off of them. But standing in wet grass or on the beach in damp sand will hurt the shoes. As I said from the beginning I am very sorry this happened. Based on a prior conversations I know you love how the shoes turned out and were looking forward to wearing them. I am sorry that you did not realize that there our limitations as to what the water repellent can do for the shoes


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@Count Muppet @kobblers Do you have any suggestions for me? The most I got out of the seller beyond what I copy and pasted  is that she offered to send me some dye. Or I could pay to ship them back to her so she could try. I don’t feel like she is invested in any repair looking good nor do I want to send her any more money. So I asked her to send me some dye. Any tips? Thoughts? Videos I should watch? Thanks in advance!

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You can attempt to clean and re-dye your satin shoes if the color has bled due to exposure to moisture. Start by gently blotting the affected areas with a damp cloth and mild detergent, then rinse and let the shoes air dry. If the bleeding persists, consider using a dye specifically designed for satin or seek professional help. Keep in mind that re-dyeing satin can be challenging, and results may vary. To prevent future issues, avoid exposing satin shoes to wet or muddy conditions

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