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Best computer engraving machine for trophy plates etc?

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What is the best computer engraving machine for engraving trophy plates eg  easy software to use, quick speed, quality finish etc. Not necessarily one to do multiple plates at the same time. Speed and quality finish is more important where I can set up different size plates quick and easy. Thanks 

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Possibly controversial opinion. But I have a sandblaster. UMarq CX and sure grave rotation S.

Before I got the sandblaster which is my latest addition. I was never particularly happy with how the Umarq engraves glass. Its a powerful machine where the default glass engraving settings are ludicrously high. So spent a long time dialing it in and slowing it down.

Even then I found it went through diamond tips much faster than the S and the finish on the glass is not so clean along the edges.

Basically I only used my rotation S for glass engravings as it produced a much softer. Cleaner cut.

Now I have the sand blaster I blast pretty much all glass. Exceptions being pariculary small or intricate designs but will always use the S over the Umarq in that case.*

Umarq I found. Thanks to its power is much better on brushed steel and the like though. However depending on engraving space. I'd likely blast that these days as well.


*I have no option but to use the S currently on anything cylindrical that can't be blasted as the motor on the U axis of the CX machine pulled to much power and fried the chip around the U plug. Pulled the connection out to fix that issue but now can only use the umarq in flatbed configuration until I get a new motor.

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