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Howdy Folks

One of the locksmiths over here is asking about the pictured glass door (patch ?) lock and key,

The lock is on a 10 foot tall glass door and the lock cylinder and key are worn and not working smoothly anymore,

I am pretty sure I have seen the key come up here in the past but not the lock,

Key says: LOCK

Lock looks to say: JLG

Any help in identifying lock and key, source / manufacturer / distributor would be greatly appreciated

And or help finding a new cylinder and key, as is smaller diameter then our normal cylinders here,

Thank You For Looking





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Howdy almeriasecure,

Thank You for looking,

I have done research for them and found them in China and some on Amazon and such, and have relayed the information,

Have found the complete dual bolt patch lock,

But no source for just the "LOCK" brand cylinder and key assembly

Thank You Again much appreciated

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Howdy EST,

Thank You Kindly,

I will pass the information along about the possible key blank to try,

They have ordered a whole new patch lock assembly via Amazon, 2-3 weeks out for delivery,

Thank You Again it is much appreciated

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