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AXA Defender Frame Lock Bike laser Key ID

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1 hour ago, Growster said:

I use AX-2.P1. With these peculiar lead-in or lead-out cuts, they took me a fair few blanks to learn to decode them :-)

TBH, all 5 keys in the image provided by EST look similar to me, but the lead on AX3RAP & AX7RAP matches the original key, so I might start my venture with these two! 

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  • exp121260 changed the title to AXA Defender Frame Lock Bike laser Key ID
8 hours ago, Party Marmalade said:

JMA Code AX-2.P1

They have them in stock last time I looked on their webshop

Thanks but JMA AX-2P1 is a different key. I have tried and it dosent work . After few amandmnets , it finally works ( on/off) but not good enought to givet to customer as a sapre key. 

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I definitely tried the AX-2P1 last week and it was different to the customer's original key. 

The Customer key was slightly wider and thinner. I filled the key surface and the groove, it finally worked on one lock ( the Bike had 2 locks). But it only went in half way through the other lock. I will try again this Saturday and update. 

Thanks all for your time and assistance. 

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