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I am after Jaw 4 for the Futura Pro which is a metal bar.

I have checked our suppliers here in Aus and US and no stock.

Just wondering if someone has one they can measure? I will machine one up while I wait for our suppliers to get them in stock.

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The Futura will centre automatically if the spacers used are the same dimension on both sides of the key. This is the case for Planes 1, 2 and 3.

When using the Jaw 4 plane the Futura calculates the centre based on a 6mm offset on plane 2. Without the offset on Jaw 4 the text needs to be off centre to appear centre or the engraver may even hit the Jaw.

We do a lot of keys that require Jaw 4 and the wires I were using were fiddly. The Jaw 4 spacer has already saved me a  lot of time.


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