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Hiatt discus padlock key / reference

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Hi, just enquiring to see if anyone can ID the correct blank for this Hiatt padlock.

I think its just a generic import branded by Hiatt but is anyone aware of an instacode / SILCA card ref for what ever its based on.

Just for interest and info for database so any info would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



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I’ve sourced a couple of locks from Hiatt, under a £5 for a padlock so as you say rubbish. Just interesting to have examples of these things for future work. Every lock I’ve found with same dimensions have different brand name, all look similar quality so all made in same factory. It’s just a weary job where they’ll only allow access if nothing is damaged / altered. Security have lost the key so hopefully will be able to just dispatch it and upsell to something that is decent! Wanted to ask how they would get in if there was an emergency as they’ve got no keys themselves..wasn’t the time!

Cheers Graham!

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Just to close this. Turns out the cylinder on the 90 is totally different, 4 pin thing. The one in the image is 6 pin and accepts a HD CT1R key blank. Pins visibly rusted in front 2 positions so it was dispatched. Took some effort to move the shackle as this had rusted too. 

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