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54 minutes ago, Forest Cobbler said:

Thank you.

Unfortunately these are a couple of mil too big in each direction which puts the pin just a bit too low for the hole in the box and strike plate.

I shall keep looking :)

Never going to find a new one. Check out second hand and antique stores you may get lucky.

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On 4/29/2023 at 3:25 AM, Peaky said:

Is it to replace or replicate? 

If this one is broken it might be repaired if the customer is willing to pay.

The bar with the hooks on would need replacing as Mark had to get a hacksaw to it to gain access to the box.

Also it would have to work off a different key, because one of the customer's relatives had taken the original and had helped himself to some of the contents. So she wouldn't want him to still be able to open it.

Would that be more than a repair would cover?



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