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Just now, Shoeboy 41 said:

Try hughes  wholesale 

thanks for the reply 


yer i've tried them 

they don't have what i'm looking for but that's the kind of thing i'm after a safe supplier that has a website you can see live stock levels and pricing 

most suppliers want to send me a printed price list and little or no access on line to prices stock levels etc 

I'm a high street retail shop login to a website and checking stocks /prices is perfect for me 

having to go down a printed price list to check the price then having to ring up to confirm if its on stock if the price is correct etc just doesn't work for me or my customers 


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We use Phoenix Safes a lot but do not think they have what you require.

They are very good with pricing and resonable on delivery charges though.

Always get great service on the phones.

I use a pro-forma account to claim an extra discount by paying in advance.

Aldridges are the only safe suppliers that have Accurate stock levels online and pricing but the carriage charges have jumped lately.

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thanks for the reply graham 

i have an account with phoenix and do use them same with burgwacher and various other companies .

the looking at a long list and having find the model then ring up to check stock levels while the customers waits in the shop just does not work for me ,and then for the customer to say ohhh that's too much have you got anything cheaper !! to then go back through all that messing around again .

(phones ringing people coming in and out ) just trying to make my life easier 

i guess ill stick with aldridge as i can at least see stock levels and pricing without having to try to navigate a catalog that's like war and peace only to ring up and find they have no stock 

seems a trade safe suppliers doesn't offer this service but my customer can type in 4k safe on google go straight on line see pricing stock levels and get next day delivery crazy 

anyway thank you for the replies 

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On 8/7/2023 at 2:13 PM, Martin b said:

I used to use Gunnebo for the Chubb safes i thought they had gone away from selling safes ?

I don't sell many safes these days as trying to be seni retired  , But they have just sent me the latest Chubb catalogue. 

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