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Basic but hard-to-get blanks, Kaba 20 and a stone age old Abloy

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These hard-to-get situations remind me of early attempts at courting the opposite gender.

These are keys that are long out of patent (my guess), they are not too hard to decode and make, and yet, these blanks are elusive as Lord Lucan.

The reverse of the Abloy one is easily available, and the Kaba 20 without the little kink at the tip is also easy to get.

Any ideas?

Hard-to-get Abloy 1.jpg

Hard-to-get Abloy.jpg

Hard-to-get Kaba 20.jpg

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Abloy is the OAL profile key blank.

The Kaba is KA2, need to be careful on these as the KA2 blank will only work Gen1 locks. Easiest way is to see is to cut the key to all 0 and see if the blanks goes in the cylinder. They changed the tip shape and pins internally. You won’t be able to cut anything other than the original ones with Silca. 

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