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Old savings bank home safe

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Really challenging little project, customer has fetched in a little old home safe minus the key to see if we could open it, did a bit of research and found a pic if one with a key, matched it to an 84FS ( Davenport ) filed the sides down as was slightly too wide to fit in key hole. 

20230216_101935.jpg20230216_101942.jpg20230216_101950.jpg20230216_102003.jpg20230216_102018.jpgKey now goes in but only so far, key will turn about quarter of a turn the come to a full stop, ive tried putting some lubrication in as I thought the lock might be partially jammed but still nothing.  Anybody got any ideas before I return and say we can't do it 


Thanks in advance 

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It looks like the keys are specific to which bank brand is on the box (not the serial number), so if your box is identical to the one above, then I believe the key will be the same.

If it is a different bank brand, then the ebay seller I linked to above has listings showing keys for many different bank brands.

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