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Howdy Folks,

I am looking for some help in obtaining 4 pre-cut keys and or proper blank I can hand file to match the existing key,

Customer of mine purchased a mortise lock while on vacation in Scotland many years ago and only has 1 key left and would like 4 copies,

Code on key is NM 24 with YALE stamped on reverse side, see photos attached,

Apologizes, the only measurement I took was the pin (tip diameter) at just under 0.20 inch, so slightly less then 5mm, but is worn so I guess 5mm,

If you need more information / measurements let me know,

I have pretty well exhausted my sources over here,

Thank You For Any Help



NM 24 1.jpg

NM 24 2.jpg

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Think they where available At Davenport's and others stocked only a fourth or quarter of the full set I found checking online.

Nm 1 to Nm 36 are usually found sold online by suppliers.

But Really 144 differs are in the series and Ive got the full series for old Yale mortice...but will have a look.

Yes I've Nm 24 after looking see pic

But this code can be found also online by a few suppliers.

I Can supply All Nm numbers cut to code on series Nm 1 to Nm 144 With No photo required.

Which is a requirement online when buying I see 


Pm for details 



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