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High Heels - Reducing Size Tips (Designer)

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Hello All, newbie here.

I am fixing a pair of Casadei Blade High Heels which are 1/2 size to big for her. I am looking for a more permanent solution than just heel inserts.

Obviously these are expensive and designer heels, So would like to try and keep the original look as much as possible. 

Could you give some suggestions please or recommended products.


Thank you so much.



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19 hours ago, da miller said:

there is a sensible solution  their called toe puffs

used in orthopedics

actually the toe puff is the material the use to form the toe box ,in orthopaedic shoes they used to use 1mm leather to produce them for bespoke shoes required by patient ,the modular and extra depth shoes used a factory produce toe puff also know as the toe stiffener  

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