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Which Euro cylinders?

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It’s time I started selling more locks!

I have a modern looking engraving, key cutting and shoe repair shop, we sell a few budget padlocks per week and cut a reasonable amount of keys (approx 200 pw). The only other place to buy euro cylinders in town is Screwfix (I see a lot of their Smith & Lock keys)

I’m after advice from other key cutters who successfully sell euro cylinders as to which brand to stock. Do I go budget and try and keep near to Screwfix price or go quality and don’t worry about the cost?
I’m also very short on space so I’ll have to display just a couple and have all the sizes available behind the counter.

I also want a range of mortise locks but that’s a question for another day.

Any advise greatly received. 

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We sell Asec vital great budget cylinders anti snap both sides. Easy to key alike with the pinning kit. We stock and use Asec 6 pin for master keying also. Also stock 3 star cylinders had Ultion, Avocet ABS, Federal, Abus and a few others but clearing out stock as we are going to swap over to the new Asec Caveo. Roughly got about 300 different cylinders in stock but the Asec vital we sell on average 10 each week, Best sizes to stock to start with are 35/35, 50/50, 35/45, 40/45, 40/50, 45/50 and 45/55.

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